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MarketGoo Review: Energize Health CA

Once again we are pleased to show you a MarketGoo power user that has done well with our tool.  Energize Health is a comprehensive Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture clinic in Northwest Calgary, Canada. They operate in an industry that is local, and they stand out in their niche because they have beat many competitors by […]

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Product Update: September 2016

Product Update is our monthly communication that showcases the latest changes and improvements we’ve accomplished. Here is what we did in July, August and September: Up-sell strategy As we already announced in latests Product Updates, we have been working on improving the progressiveness in our portfolio of products. We are as dedicated to our users as […]

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User Spotlight:

One of our users signed up for MarketGoo via the Weebly App Centre and got off to a great start! We wanted to share their MarketGoo journey so far. Who?  Wordsmiths is a UK-based business editing firm, offering content writing, translating, editing and proofreading services. Needless to say, it’s not only in a competitive industry but […]

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Academy: Meta Tags

What are Meta Tags? Meta tags are pieces of information that search engines use to help determine what your site is about and its relevance to a user’s search. Meta tags consist of strategically including keywords and phrases that accurately portray the content on your website, mainly in your page’s title and description. Some pages […]

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Nine years an Entrepreneur

— Advice for the young at heart Soon we will be older                       When we gonna make it work? … — Tears For Fears   Yesterday was the 9th birthday of the first company I created. Actually I co-founded it with my partner-in-crime and current CTO […]

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MarketGoo Review: Real Estate site Nottingham Realty & Rentals

We’re excited to present a close look at one of our power users, Susan Nottingham of Nottingham Realty & Rentals, a family owned real estate company that provides property management services for home and condo rentals and sales, as well as house sitting services for Florida beach areas such as Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville and surrounding locations.  As […]

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What is the deal with the robots.txt file?

The name robots.txt sounds a little out there, especially when you’re new to SEO. Luckily, it sounds way weirder than it is. Website owners like you use the robots.txt file to give web robots instructions about their site. More specifically, it tells them which parts of your site you don’t want to be accessed by […]

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Web Hosting’s Image Problem

By all accounts, a good majority of web hosters don’t have a stellar reputation among clients. Three years ago, WHIR told us the main reasons they get a bad rap, which merit revisiting since they are still largely valid:  Customer service and support – in our [unscientific] research, the most common complaints are by far and large about […]

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