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What are Rich Snippets?

The phrase rich snippets sounds a little weird for those of us who aren’t in the professional web design and SEO world. What’s rich? And what’s a snippet? Keep reading! What’s a rich snippet? A good way to explain this is through some examples. Sometimes, when you search Google for an event, a band, a […]

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MarketGoo Review: SEO for Obstetric & Gynecology Websites

No better way to kick off the summer than to showcase one of our power users, who despite using MarketGoo for a short time, has had quick gains. While this is not a typical scenario, this user’s dedication to his site’s SEO and focus on specific keywords really gave him the upper hand for his […]

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Cheatsheet: SEO for Party Rentals

The party rentals and supplies industry is very strong and always evolving. You need to keep up with trends and stay informed in order to grow and thrive. This includes maintaining and improving your website’s optimisation for search engines – to get found by potential customers and attract business year-round instead of just seasonally. Before […]

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How to Blog Using Squarespace

Thanks to Katy Carlisle, Squarespace expert at The Wheel Exists, for writing this super informative article for our readers! If you haven’t come across it before, Squarespace is a tool that makes it really easy to create and maintain your own website. As well as being a fantastic platform for blogging, it can also be used […]

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Content Marketing Strategies for your Small Business

Content Marketing strategies for small businesses can be hard to implement – it’s just you and you have all this conflicting information on how to get started and what to focus on. Luckily, Katrina from LeadPath took some time to break it down for you and make it less overwhelming. It’s tough to do marketing online […]

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SEO Cheatsheet: Art Galleries

Art Galleries can have a tough time getting a handle on SEO because they have to worry about doing SEO for individual artists, for individual pieces of art, and for the actual gallery itself. Don’t worry, it’s not as overwhelming as it sounds! Check out our cheatsheet for some pointers, and we highly recommend the […]

SEO for Art Galleries
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Cheatsheet: SEO for Specialty Tools

One of the things we love about working with small businesses at MarketGoo is the sheer diversity of our group of clients: we have pharmacies, universities, psychics, boutiques, realtors, and the list goes on. We have had a few users who own hardware stores and specialty tools and supplies. So how do you do SEO […]

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Cheatsheet: SEO for Beauty Bloggers

If you’re a beauty blogger, congratulations! It’s an endeavour that requires a lot of time and above all, passion. It might feel at times that your space is already oversaturated with everyone wanting to have their own beauty or fashion blog these days, but don’t despair, because with some good SEO you can start leading […]

SEO for Beauty Bloggers
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Cheatsheet: SEO for Psychics

Psychics operate in an extremely competitive online environment, with relatively few ways to differentiate themselves. Most offer readings over the phone, tarot readings, help with relationships, and other services. So how do you get potential clients to come to you, and how do you prove you’re the best? Focus on non-generic keywords, start a blog […]

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Cheatsheet: SEO for Book Authours

Writing and editing a book can be exhausting – the mere thought of then having to dive into SEO for your book website just seems even more tiring! However it doesn’t have to be. There are concepts you’ll have to learn but these will not only help in getting more traffic to your site, but […]