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Why Culture is more important than Company

This post is about our company’s culture. It was conceived as a handbook written for a potential new member of our team. But it also gives detail on how we’ve shaped our company so far.  How it all Began When I was a younger entrepreneur, my main motivation for starting my own business was money and […]

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MarketGoo Review: Music for Young Violinists

We have plenty of users that fit into the Education ecosystem and are looking to improve their online visibility in this saturated field. Some are in the college admissions consulting field while others are Teachers focusing on building an educational website full of resources. Today we’re looking at how Heather Figi improved her site’s visibility in a […]

MarketGoo Review Music for Young Violinists
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In B2B SaaS you should focus on serving the market properly

MarketGoo operates in the B2B SaaS industry and we’ve achieved a significant number of partnerships and growth over the years. We are a bootstrapped company, founded in Spain, which is not the best-known tech hub (or at least it wasn’t 6 years ago) and we provide an SEO solution. Back then, the idea sounded a little crazy […]

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MarketGoo Review: Koningen Art

We have a high volume of users who are looking to do SEO for Art – whether it be Artists, Gallery Owners or Art Museum Shops, we recognize the difficulty of ranking a site that relies heavily on images, is not always local-only, and caters to an audience who may not know exactly what art they’re looking […]

marketgoo review svein koningen art
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Agency Pack Update

Where is MarketGoo’s Agency Pack? You might be wondering where our Agency Pack page is. We’ll get to that soon, but first, a little backstory. Our relationship with Agencies has always been great – we actually have a sister digital agency that taught us many lessons and continues to give us insights on what pain […]

Update on MarketGoo's Agency Pack
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Sprint update: 20.04.2018

Product – Development: Noindex tags scanning. Updating MarketGoo’ scanning to contemplate site pages with noindex tags to not be included in the implementation plan. Several minor fixes and bugs.     Tell us how we can improve our Sprint Updates! All the best from the team! David Roch Head of Product

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Sprint update: 28.03.2018

Growth Data API. An optional service included in a higher tier from the standard MarketGoo API. The data scheme of the Data API provides deeper and richer information on every account. For further information ask our Business Development team. Product Multiple recipients notifications. Allowing MarketGoo users, mainly freelance/agency type, to be able to automatically send the monthly report and other […]