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MarketGoo Review: Real Estate site Nottingham Realty & Rentals

We’re excited to present a close look at one of our power users, Susan Nottingham of Nottingham Realty & Rentals, a family owned real estate company that provides property management services for home and condo rentals and sales, as well as house sitting services for Florida beach areas such as Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville and surrounding locations.  As […]

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What is the deal with the robots.txt file?

The name robots.txt sounds a little out there, especially when you’re new to SEO. Luckily, it sounds way weirder than it is. Website owners like you use the robots.txt file to give web robots instructions about their site. More specifically, it tells them which parts of your site you don’t want to be accessed by […]

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Web Hosting’s Image Problem

By all accounts, a good majority of web hosters don’t have a stellar reputation among clients. Three years ago, WHIR told us the main reasons they get a bad rap, which merit revisiting since they are still largely valid:  Customer service and support – in our [unscientific] research, the most common complaints are by far and large about […]

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How Free Marketing Tools help Hosting Companies & SMBs grow their Business

While wrapping up our participation in HostingCon 2016, I got to revisiting our Recap of the WHD event this past April. We have some new insights and conclusions after HostingCon which I will share soon; today I want to share the presentation I did during WHD because it remains relevant and serves as a good refresher on […]

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MarketGoo at HostingCon 2016

It’s that summer time of year again where we get ready to head to HostingCon. This year it’s July 24-27 in New Orleans and we couldn’t be more excited to show off everything we’ve been doing, and most importantly to meet and chat with our peers, partners, and potential new partners. We have big product […]

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Product Update: June 2016

Time for our MarketGoo Product Update: June 2016 ! Product Update is our monthly communication that showcases the latest changes and improvements we’ve accomplished. Here is what we did in June: MarketGoo for Weebly You’ve heard us talk a lot about Weebly and it’s because we’ve been working hard to seamlessly integrate with their platform. […]
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The What and Why of H1 Tags

You may have heard of main “Headers” and “Heading Tags”. These are also known as h1 tags (also written as <h1> tags) or a main Header, and you can recognise it because it will usually be the largest text in your page emphasised, and act as the title of your page or of a post. Not […]

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SEO for your Weebly site using MarketGoo

SEO and Weebly We get this question all the time, “is Weebly any good for SEO?”, and while the long answer is below, the short answer is that you, as the site owner, are the one who makes your Weebly site SEO friendly. So, if you have chosen Weebly to build your site on, there […]

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