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  • Check the keyword driving traffic to your website
  • We've found 3 recommendations for your website optimization
  • We did not find any website linking back to yours
  • We've got 10 main competitors for your website
  • You website does not have any PageRank yet
  • We have found zero mentions about your website in social media sites

Report generated on February 25, 2014 using Brazil as target country

Improve your website

21 Analyzed pages from your website

We have made a short analysis of your 21 main website pages and these are some tasks we recommend you to review.

  • Create a fast loading website

    Your home page takes less than 2 seconds to load. That's great, you've got a fast loading website. Make sure that your website always loads as quickly as possible in order to get better rankings.

  • The web addresses of your website must be descriptive

    A website with descriptive web addresses helps search engines to find content. We have found out that a 48% of your website addresses are not descriptive.

  • Fix duplicate webpage titles on your website

    Congrats! We have found no duplicate page titles. Always make sure to use unique titles for your webpages. This way they describe each page individually and don't compete with each other for keyword rank targeting.

  • Avoid incorrect page title lengths

    We found 2 pages with an inadequate title length. Review your website pages and fix the titles.

  • Fix your meta descriptions tags

    Congrats! We have found no missing meta description tags in the pages we've analyzed.

  • Avoid having too many outbound links on any given webpage

    Great! All pages show a right amount of outbound links.

  • Include alternative text in linked images

    We have found out that 4% of the linked images does not contains alternative text. The 'alt' attribute for images is part of the code of your web and it serves to give more information about the link associated to the image. It's important that this attribute appears in the images with links in your web.

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Your best performing keywords

0 Keywords in first position in Google

We've found these are the keywords that send more visits to your website. See how well you rank for them in Google and how many times people search for them.

Website traffic source by keyword Rank in Google Monthly searches
casa amarela leilões 20 40

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How popular is your website?

0 Incoming links are coming from 0 different websites

Your website popularity is measured by summing the number of links your web receives from other websites. Increasing the number of quality links is an important way to improve your website results.

Nothing found

Maybe your website is brand new or does not generate enough online presence.

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Your website competitors

+10 Potential competitors

These are the websites competing with yours in search engines. We show the ones your website appears more times when users are searching the Internet.

Competitor website Total # of keywords they rank for Common keywords 1 1 1 1 5 1 6 1 24 1 74 1 106 1 213 1 360 1 1,347 1

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0 Google PageRank

Google uses the PageRank value of your web as a sign of relevance.


NO Your website does NOT appear in DMOZ

DMOZ is the most important directory in the Internet. Therefore, it's crucial that your website appears in it.

Alexa Ranking

0 Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank measures the value of popularity of your web as compared to the rest of the Internet. Learn more

Your Web vs. Competitors

  PageRank DMOZ Alexa Ranking 0 No 0 1 No 0 0 No 0 3 No 23,299,351


0 Facebook Share

Number of times your website has been shared.


0 Facebook Likes

Number of 'likes' received by your website.


0 Twitter Mentions

Number of Twitter Mentions of your website.


0 Google+ +1's

Number of times your website has been shared in Google+.

Your Web vs. Competitors

  Share Likes Twitter Google+ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 7 2 0 0

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