Introducing Agency Pack – Product Update March 2016

Introducing Agency Pack – Product Update March 2016

in Product Update on March 10th, 2016

We are introducing the new Agency Pack, our solution for agencies and multibrand business.

We know clients are looking for help with website marketing and SEO, that’s why we are happy to provide a simple yet powerful tool to give them what they need to become more visible and increase their bottom line. Now the Agency Pack becomes a great opportunity to grow your business at the same time. If you’re an agency, webmaster, marketing consultant or a multi brand manager, we have designed a product especially for you.

The Agency Pack offers you the opportunity to:

  • Scale marketgoo’s EVO solution. Manage in one single account multiple sites, starting from 5. You’ll be able to add as many as you need.
  • Generate branded and comprehensive reports to send your clients. Your design, our technology.
  • Reduce your cost. Starting from a 20% discount on the basic pack, every new website you add will apply the same discount.
  • And that is just the begging! What is important is that with the Agency Pack we add to our portfolio a solution made exclusively for agencies and multibrand business. We have great ideas to improve it and would love to hear from your suggestions.

Ok, that sounds cool, but how is my business going to benefit from it”, you may think. Well, we find three main ways:

  • First, you’ll be able to keep using marketgoo’s software, but in scale and cheaper than ever before.
  • Second, you can leverage on our solution to offer your clients SEO and website marketing services even if you are not an expert. Take as an example, “I have a small business which designs websites and manages social media accounts for clients. Now I can offer website marketing to them because MarktGoo’s DIY tool helps me to become an expert”.
  • And last but not least, the Agency Pack is an easy and time saving tool that will help you automate tasks and increase your profit easily. On a different case, “I have an agency with great experience on SEO services and with the Agency Pack I’m sending to my clients branded automatic reports to showcase my work. I don’t have to worry anymore on time consuming tasks. marketgoo does it for me”.

This is a major improvement for our Product Portfolio and it was a commitment to our roadmap vision. We believe there is a big opportunity for these businesses to leverage on this solution to give their clients a great service. And as we said, from now on we can only think of next updates to keep improving the product.

Interested? Go try it here.

Furthermore, here are some other changes to the product:

  • Linkedin counts. Unfortunately, Twitter surprised us with a release note confirming the deprecation of the Twitter count feature. We have changed it for a Linkedin counter box that will help you monitor your website’s activity in the #1 professional social network.

product update february 2016 social media counts agency pack

  • We are also adding content to our Knowledge Base to better explain the most recurring support queries. Improving this page is one main goal and users are already taking advantage from it.

Go ahead and try out our Agency Pack. Optimising your sites and growing your business is just a few clicks away!

Feel free to make any comments and suggestions. Your feedback is what makes us better.

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