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5 Must Read Web Marketing Articles for SMBs

in Sin categoría on June 12th, 2015

Going through endless amounts of content you’ve found via Twitter, Newsletters, Facebook, etc.. trying to learn and stay on top of the latest marketing trends? Running your small business is hard enough, so this week we sifted through the noise and we have these 5 thought provoking articles that will help you put your marketing efforts in perspective and perhaps enable you to re-focus on what’s important.

How Google+ Changed my Life
Can Google+ Change your Life?

5. How Google+ Changed my Life. This article is an interesting take on the much talked about subject of whether Google+ is actually good for anything. The author, Wade Harman is an ex-coal miner turned blogger, and goes into detail about how Google+ gave him a micro-blogging stage where he would eventually find his true calling.  Read this if you’ve been skeptical or confused about this social network – you won’ be disappointed.

Build a Keyword Research Plan
Learn what Keywords work best for you

4.  How to Build a Keyword Research Plan

This isn’t a ‘light’ read, but it is one you will want to save for future reference. Nick Eubanks guides readers through a process of choosing the best keywords for your business instead of just picking ones that are extremely competitive.

Create Shareable Content
Is your Content appealing to Influencers?

3. How to Build Content that your VIPs will Love to Share

Jeffrey Kanz gives a detailed analysis of what makes the ‘Influencers’ in your audience and industry tick. Following his advice, you’ll never again write a blog post that noone sees or shares – you’ll learn how to publish content that is highly shareable and offers value to your readers. We liked the many examples he offered to illustrate all his points. Bookmark this one!

Learn from Your Competitors!

2.  Leveraging Your Competitors’ Site into your own Success

Doug Baltman has it right when he says don’t blindly copy your competitors. However, DO learn from them as well as their mistakes.

1.  Business Lessons from Bruce Lee and the World Cup

This post is no doubt one of the best we’ve come across. It is from 2014, but timeless in every way. Business, Bruce Lee, and the World Cup might not seem too related at first sight, but Mars Dorian does a terrific job of connecting them. Main takeaways: adapt to changes, don’t become stale, and stop playing the blame-game.

Bonus: Pinterest has some great new features and is getting a lot of buzz these days, so we are including our very own post on brands that are doing well on Pinterest and what you can learn from them as a small business. With the ‘Buy’ button coming soon to the social network, the sooner you are familiarised with it, the better. It could quickly become an important source of traffic to your site, as well as increase your revenue!

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