marketgoo is hiring a Product Manager

in Culture. Last Updated on May 30th, 2021

At marketgoo we are hiring a product manager to help us expand the business by evolving our product in ways our customers love.

This means taking a product that works and is already providing value to hundreds of thousands of customers to build the basis for hyper-growth. You’ll be working closely with the Head of Product, Head of Business, Product Design and Engineering.

We are looking for candidates with:

  • An eye for understanding problems.
  • A solution and innovation-oriented approach.
  • A persevering attitude.
  • An autonomous mindset.
  • Care for the details.
  • And experience gathering feedback through customer development.

The role includes turning the vision of simplifying SEO for beginners into an actionable roadmap that our customers benefit from. We are looking for an experienced candidate who’s faced similar challenges.

Who are we?

marketgoo is a distributed company with a unique Culture that creates impactful digital products. This is our Why.

Currently, the products we’re building are SEO solutions, which are then resold by Web Hosting and Domain Providers, primarily in Anglo markets.

Our Products

We build products that simplify SEO, serving hundreds of thousands of end-users through our global partners.

Our Partners trust our products to guide their customers to online success. These customers are our end-users, and therefore, user experience is key to everything that the Product team does at marketgoo.

We are a small team, where you can leave your mark and learn from everyone. We have a different culture. We love remote and asynchronous work, flexibility and autonomy.

We are here for the long term and we are proudly creating a place to be happy at work.

We aim to build something great, we don’t have external funding and we are profitable so we can take our time to do everything with the utmost care.

Our App product moment

The App is our hero product, serving more than 200.000 end customers worldwide. It goes back several years ago when we started developing the product and since then we have excelled the distribution strategy through a reseller model, where our partners play a critical role. Today, even though we understand our threats, we have a solid and stable business model.

However, we aspire to shift from post-product fit stage to growth stage. The product is still far from its full potential and we are critique enough to know that we are not delivering value to our customers in the long term and in scale. We see plenty of opportunities there to explore in the distribution side of things along with evolving the product to serve the customer better. Taking all of this into account your job would be to focus on increasing retention related OKR.

About the job

As a key part of the team, you’ll work directly with the product designer of the App product to understand the goals and problems of our customers, plan experiments and define the scope. Also, you’ll be working directly with Business team to understand our partners to review the existing go-to-market strategy and define new opportunities. We expect you to lead the product process of the App and we’ll empower you with retention and business oriented OKRs.

Finally, you’ll support the development team building the solution and will go back with the product team to measure results.

Some examples of projects you might work on:

  1. Translate the App SEO product vision into a solution that brings value to customers in the long term.
  2. Launching experiments to improve the retention rate over the first 30 days of the end customer lifetime.
  3. Gather user insights to lead product improvements.
  4. Audit the current go-to-market strategy to propose new ways of distributing SEO to partners and end customers.

You’ll be working hand by hand with David Roch, Óscar Otero and Pedro Parra along with the rest of the team.

About you

  • Professional experience in product management (3-5 years). This means you have already faced a similar challenge as the one exposed exposed with positive results.
  • We are looking for Managers of One. We need you to be autonomous, executive and get things done without continuous direction.
  • We need a great communicator so remote cooperation works smoothly. We want you to express your ideas with assertiveness and confidence.
  • English proficiency is a must. You must be comfortable speaking with international customers and English speaking team members.
  • Experience working remotely.
  • Experience in SaaS industry is a must.
  • SEO knowledge is important.
  • Culture fit.


  • Proven capacity to improve retention in a recurring SaaS product/service.
  • Capacity to execute on the company and product’s vision developing and evangelizing a strategy that leads to meaningful customer and business success.
  • Zoom in & out capacity.
  • Focus on delivering value (outcome vs output).
  • Empathy with the partners and end customers who will use our product and experience getting “out-of-the-building” to engage with them.
  • Ability to work with designers and engineers

Pay and benefits

  • We are offering a range of 35-45K, depending on your experience. Our aspiration is to grow the business together and reach 20+% above market salary for any position.
  • Also, after two years in the team you get to participate in our profit sharing program included on top of your salary.
  • 2k for a computer of your choice, and an ongoing budget for equipment like screens, keyboards, etc…
  • Remote and asynchronous workflow.
  • Team assistant. We have a person taking care of the team. Do you need to setup an appointment, buy your children’s books for school or make a restaurant reservation? Just ask our assistant for it.
  • We believe in wisdom growth. We will also support you with both professional and personal growth and have resources for helping you to keep learning and designing your lifestyle with a 1k annual budget.
  • We have a strong relationship, we are here for the long term. Our business is sustainable and independent from external funding.
  • We like to promote personal care and wellbeing. We have a monthly stipend for fitness and sports activities of 80€/month.
  • And this is just the beginning. More stuff is on the go and we are also happy to hear your ideas!

Want to know more? Take a look at our Culture Handbook.

How to apply

We are not opening a job offer. Instead, we’ll be proactively contacting people suitable to fulfill this role and join the team.

If you are interested to know more, we’ll ask you to do the following: Introduce yourself with a cover letter, we’d like to know more about you, what you like, how you would approach some of the example projects we’ve mentioned and what your experience has been dealing with similar challenges.

We value your communication skills so take your time, there is no rush as we are not considering just a CV on its own. On the other hand, please keep your cover letter easy to digest. Around 800 words is enough.

We are really looking forward to hearing from you!

What You Can Expect in the Hiring Process

  • Step 1: Getting to know you. Receiving your cover letter.
  • Step 2: Informal conversation. Having an informal conversation about your background, experience and achievements.
  • Step 3: Technical review and brief exercise. Reviewing your future role to match your technical skills and mindset.
  • Step 4: Culture fit interview. Meeting teammates and going over about what it’s like to be a member of the team. Understand your future vision, we are here for the long term.

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