New year, new products and two more countries supported

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We are starting 2014 full of plans. We have a new motto, new plans and prices and our roadmap of development is ambitious but we are not going to stop improving and adding value to our users. Among the several things we are going to rollout are: a pack for agencies, connection to Parallels APS, UX and UI improvement, social media tools improvement, analytics revamp and a lot more to come. Stay tuned!

New motto

And we start the year with a new motto or tagline:

marketgoo. Your website success, simplified

Two more countries

We’ve added Peru and Paraguay to our list of supported countries. Hola amigos del Perú y Paraguay, bienvenidos!.

New products

We used to have just one product. Our web app came only in one configuration. We’ve decided to give the user an option to order different tiers of service so from now, you can order marketgoo in three different configurations. Check our Plans and Prices now.

seo plans and prices

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