Small Business Spotlight: Peyrouton Law

in Small Business Spotlight. Last Updated on February 23rd, 2018

Attorneys have traditionally depended on word-of-mouth and referrals to gain most of their business, but now the internet is playing a larger role, especially among the younger 18-24 set, who are more likely to search for an attorney and legal help online. So how does a one man shop take on the big guys in the shark tank that is New Jersey? For starters, making his website a huge lead magnet!

Person behind the Business: Alan Peyrouton, Criminal Defense attorney.

Location:  Hackensack, NJ (USA)


Platform: Weebly

Website Goal: To be the highest ranking and fastest ever organic growing site.

Main Market: People accused of committing crimes in the state of NJ.

Main Challenge: A lot of competition. There are a couple hundred attorneys who do what I do. They have teams of lawyers, and I am a solo. But I love being the underdog.

Star Product: My skill set. My dedication, passion, preparation, intensity, competitiveness and did I mention passion?

What you wish you’d known before creating a website: I wished I had known that I could have saved precious time (years) and tons of money by learning to do this on my own. I wasted too much time and money on losers who did not know a single thing about SEO but were excellent ConArtists.

Your Brand Story: 95% of solo attorneys fail. I am in the top 5% who succeeds.

Alan uses marketgoo to optimize his site for search, try us out below:

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