Small Business Spotlight: Neecy’s Necessities

in Small Business Spotlight. Last Updated on October 3rd, 2017

Today Denise Jackson-Gunter tells us about her business !

Person behind the Business: Denise Jackson-Gunter

Location: Durham, NC


Platform: Weebly

Website Goal: Exclusive luxury Bath & Body products shopping easily from the comfort of home. My store is exclusively online.

Main Market: Women and some men, upper middle class, with free time and income able to support discretionary spending for themselves and others as gifts or because they prefer more naturally made products they use on their hair, skin & nails.

Main Challenge: Reaching a larger buying audience inherent with being exclusively online.

Star Product: Boozy Bars

What you wish you’d known before creating a website: SEO and how deeply it must be worked through in order to be found by anyone.

Brand Story:

My brand has been a gradual evolution from the more casual, almost rustic look that was for a larger demographic to a more refined audience that seeks the products that feel less is more.

I use less packaging, but not at the expense of my products. I believe in transparency in my work so packaging is transparent or translucent. Natural ingredients are utilized as much as possible. My customers care about what goes onto their skin and hair and I’m fully cognizant and respectful of that preference.

My brand & by extension my products are a reflection of my respect for my customers’ healthy lifestyle, their belief that natural products are safer and better and that our price point reflects that expectation of quality.


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