Small Business Spotlight: Jillian Sokoloff Grief Counseling

in Small Business Spotlight. Last Updated on March 2nd, 2018

Counseling and therapy are competitive fields where it is difficult to grow a patient base organically online, and also tricky to grow your patient list through paid ads, because hypertargeting people likely in need of therapy just feels like a very gray area. So what’s a therapist to do? marketgoo user Jillian Sokoloff is a grief counselor based in Eugene, Oregon (and also serves the Cottage Grove area). She has been dedicating time to creating content on her blog which is useful to anyone looking for guidance on how to manage grief and seeking out mental health wellness.

We chatted with her and learnt what inspired her to specialize in grief counseling. Check out her blog to see her inspiring and useful content!

Person behind the business: Jillian Sokoloff M.A

Location: Cottage Grove & Eugene, Oregon  (USA)


Platform: Weebly

Website goal:  Reach page 1 on Google for grief counseling

Main market: therapy, grief counseling

Main challenge: not knowing anything about designing website or understanding SEO

Star product: me!

What I wish I knew before creating a site: that I could just quickly hire someone to do it for me

Brand story: I became a therapist to help people as most therapists do… I started to specialize in grief counseling at the age of 22 after my grandfather, who raised me, died. Then, 3 yrs later 9/11 happened.  I grew up in New York and lost 5 people just that day. Helping people in grief gives me a strong motivation to get up every day.

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