Small Business Spotlight: Michael & Stacey Peterson of Whatz Apparel

in Small Business Spotlight on September 6th, 2017

Today we’ve got an apparel business that has attitude and swagger! Meet the people behind !

Person behind the Business: Michael and Stacey Peterson

Location: New Lenox, IL. (Just out side of Chicago) – (USA)


Platform: Weebly

Website Goal: Build brand awareness and e-commerce success

Main Market: Clothing and Apparel for adults and children

Main Challenge: Bring a Brand online while building a store, managing integration with suppliers.

Star Product: We love all our Characters.

What you wish you’d known before creating a website:

There are some parts about SEO that I did not think of. Things like Image Alt Text, titles and other features that sometimes are hard to do with certain platforms. While Weebly is a great website tool, there are some limitations, so there is a balance that you need to find between easy website building an SEO set up. marketgoo has helped a ton putting all of together in an easy to use tool.

Brand Story: ​ Whatz was created 30 years ago during art class in second grade. Since then, the Whatz family has grown from Birds, to Pigs and lots of other animals. There isn’t an animal that doesn’t live in the Whatz world. Whatz characters bring joy and happiness to our family and we wanted to share that with you. So we created Whatz Apparel Inc.

Whatz Apparel is a brand of clothing and accessories that show off these fun little animals and express their swagger and attitude. The clothing is always comfortable to appeal to people of all ages. Whether you are doing yard work, hanging out with friends, or simply a toddler crawling around, Whatz Apparel is there for you.

Whatz Apparel,

Some Swagger & a Little Attitude.

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