Trends for simple marketing tools increases as GoDaddy is acquiring Mad Mimi

in Founder's Blog. Last Updated on January 16th, 2019

mad mimiToday GoDaddy has announced the acquisition of EMail Marketing provider Mad Mimi. The acquisition follows the trend that hosting provider GoDaddy started some months ago by acquiring or integrating more value added services and solutions to serve basic demand services by their big SMB customer base.

The most interesting part of this for me is how GoDaddy wanted to replace “their weak spot” of email marketing with a very simple to use app like Mad Mimi. Reading the story of Mad Mimi, you realize that the founder was ultimately looking for an email marketing tool that was very very simple and easy to use (more on his startup story here). While he couldn’t find something sufficiently easy for his music business, he started his own software business.

Simplicity and easy marketing pays off as more and more SMBs and professionals keep looking to ease the complex of online marketing. On the other side is clear how hosting companies are becoming more real SaaS players day by day.

More on the news about this acquisition:

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  • GoDaddy Aims to Improve Email Marketing Product with Mad Mimi Acquisition.

Your thoughts?

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