User Spotlight: Wordsmith Services

in Case Studies. Last Updated on September 30th, 2016

One of our users signed up for marketgoo via the Weebly App Centre and got off to a great start! We wanted to share their marketgoo journey so far.

Who?  Wordsmiths is a UK-based business editing firm, offering content writing, translating, editing and proofreading services. Needless to say, it’s not only in a competitive industry but it is appealing to a global customer base – which means just focusing on local optimisation won’t cut it.

We were able to squeeze in a short chat with David from Wordsmiths, who gave us the scoop on why marketgoo is his choice for the site’s web marketing and SEO needs:

  • marketgoo: What features have you found useful?
  • David: [I have used] the Competitor feature – it provides some very useful insights, not only about how competitors’ websites are performing but also as a way of setting a benchmark that I need to achieve with my own website.
  • marketgoo: It’s no surprise that the Competitor feature usually ranks among user favourites; it has many uses, from helping users like David set benchmarks, to monitor any change (no matter how small!) in rankings and backlinks.


  • marketgoo: How many hours a week do you dedicate to SEO? 
  • David: Currently, around 2 days a week, but I am at an early stage of improving SEO and I plan to progressively reduce that amount of time as the results of my efforts begin to show.
  • marketgoo: Each user finds a timetable that works for them; some dedicate tens of hours on a weekly basis and others schedule it differently, but the most successful users have one thing in common: consistency. Only have that one hour a week to optimise your site? Go for it! Schedule it in your agenda as if it were a meeting, because it’s just as important as one!


  • marketgoo: What are the tasks you’ve completed with marketgoo that are the most valuable?
  • David: The most valuable tasks so far have been arond keywords and page optimisation but other but other reminders to look at areas such as content and social media connections are really good as well. 
  • marketgoo: Keywords are a constant source of frustration for many users, so it’s great to hear that we have made it simple and useful for our users. marketgoo not only has automated tasks (that are verifying whether you are correctly making the changes to your site) but it also has plenty of recommendations and tips to improve your site in aspects that aren’t technical in nature but can still help improve your site’s positioning. 


  • marketgoo: How did you decide on marketgoo?
  • David: I tried a couple of other tools before settling with marketgoo. The main difference I see with marketgoo is that the tasks and recommendations it presents are both carefully staged (so as to be achievable) and rich on content that is clearly helpful.
  • marketgoo: Keeping it simple is basically our mantra! We are consistently changing, adding to, and improving our recommendations. It’s your never ending font of knowledge and recommendations!

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