Cheatsheet: SEO for Psychics

Cheatsheet: SEO for Psychics

in SEO & Website Tips, SEO Cheatsheets on January 16th, 2019

Psychics operate in an extremely competitive online environment, with relatively few ways to differentiate themselves. Most offer readings over the phone, tarot readings, help with relationships, and other services. So how do you get potential clients to come to you, and how do you prove you’re the best?

Focus on non-generic keywords, start a blog on your site (and update it at least once a week), and don’t neglect local customers in an effort to try to go nationwide quickly.

As you can see above, the searches for ‘psychics near me’ have only increased in the past years, and this trend seems likely continue. This means that the contact information on your site needs to be up to date (name, address, phone number), and coincide with your Google My Business Page. If you exclusively do phone readings, you can still have a Google My Business brand page.

Reviews are very important in this line of business, so make sure your website has a dedicated section to reviews from happy customers.

For inspiration on what to write on your blog, check out these 3 solid psychic blogs to get inspired:

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SEO for psychics

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