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Sprint update: 20.04.2018

Product – Development: Noindex tags scanning. Updating MarketGoo’ scanning to contemplate site pages with noindex tags to not be included in the implementation plan. Several minor fixes and bugs.     Tell us how we can improve our Sprint Updates! All the best from the team! David Roch Head of Product

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Sprint update: 28.03.2018

Growth Data API. An optional service included in a higher tier from the standard MarketGoo API. The data scheme of the Data API provides deeper and richer information on every account. For further information ask our Business Development team. Product Multiple recipients notifications. Allowing MarketGoo users, mainly freelance/agency type, to be able to automatically send the monthly report and other […]

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Sprint update: 16.03.2018

Growth Vendasta Adds MarketGoo SEO Solution to its Expanding Marketplace. Proudly announcing our partnership with Vendasta, the leading platform for companies who sell digital solutions to local businesses. See further information here. Product Image Alt Tags task update. This was an urgent one to keep improving the experience and helping customers to easily find within their site which […]

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Sprint update: 02.03.2018

Product Onboarding wizard update. Aiming to simplify the first steps in the tool and unify visual styles.   New WordPress tailored tasks: Long titles, duplicated titles, missing titles, missing meta descriptions, site visibility, optimizing comments, excerpts, optimizing categories and tags. Improving the personalized SEO experience for WordPress sites.   Success Support contact within tasks. Aiming to […]

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Tracking your traffic with Google Analytics

That’s right. Google Analytics is already available to be connected within your MarketGoo account. From now on, you’ll have accurate traffic information on top of your ongoing SEO reporting with a really simple approach to follow. Easy to connect, in a matter of seconds and a few clicks, MarketGoo integrates your Google Analytics account to […]

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Introducing the new MarketGoo

The story behind We’ve come a long way. MarketGoo was born to help businesses boost their SEO strategy with a simple (yet comprehensive) solution. Our vision has always included a top-notch website crawler, analytics for web performance tracking, quality educational content and a great customer support; all of this within an interface that is simple, […]

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Product Update: January 2017

Product Update is our monthly communication that showcases the latest changes and improvements we’ve accomplished. Here is what we did in January: Website Checker Website Checker is the provisional project name for our brand new report! A new development that joins our extensive product portfolio with the main goal of helping our partners to drive awareness […]

marketgoo product update jan 2017
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Search Console: How to make the most out of it

What’s Google Search Console? Search Console is the new name for the previous Google Webmaster Tools service, a very useful set of tools for your business’ online success for several reasons: Gives you a deep diagnosis of your website performance, errors and issues that you need to work on. Helps you to understand your visitors […]

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Continuous Learning Culture

At MarketGoo we have two main goals: To help SMBs to be successful online by providing easy software tools and to build a strong corporate culture within our team. So what does the latter mean exactly? Well, basically we aim to create, maintain and improve a corporate culture that makes our team happier. In this […]

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Product Update: November 2016

Product Update is our monthly communication that showcases the latest changes and improvements we’ve accomplished. Here is what we did in November: WordPress Readiness CMSs are fundamental to understand how website building has evolved in the last years. Among them, WordPress is the one platform that stands alone with a market share around 20% of […]

marketgoo product update nov 2016