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In B2B SaaS you should focus on serving the market properly

MarketGoo operates in the B2B SaaS industry and we’ve achieved a significant number of partnerships and growth over the years. We are a bootstrapped company, founded in Spain, which is not the best-known tech hub (or at least it wasn’t 6 years ago) and we provide an SEO solution. Back then, the idea sounded a little crazy […]

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The Complexity of the SMB Marketing/Operations Universe

We are a vendor in SMB universe. This means that we are highly attracted by the volume of SMBs we are likely to serve and impact. A wonderful market by numbers with millions of potential users usually underserved that are digging into this digital transformation and online world. There are hundreds of different vendors and […]

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2017, the year of Product at MarketGoo

2017 is almost gone at MarketGoo and what a ride it has been! Last year I made some bets for 2017 that we have mostly fulfilled: New product with improved UX, new partnerships and profit growth. We measure our success not only by economic means. Our MRR kept growing but slowed down a bit, while our Product […]

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Reflections on Content as a Marketing tool for SaaS companies

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an incredibly interesting and dynamic industry – however it suffers from a reputation of being ‘boring’ when it comes to the content marketing practises associated with it- dense whitepapers, too much blatant sales-y content, too-little too-late infographics with stats that are hard to care about, and many more issues […]

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Web Hosting’s Image Problem

By all accounts, a good majority of web hosters don’t have a stellar reputation among clients. Three years ago, WHIR told us the main reasons they get a bad rap, which merit revisiting since they are still largely valid:  Customer service and support – in our [unscientific] research, the most common complaints are by far and large about […]

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