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Academy: What exactly are Links in SEO?

You know how a snazzy gold chain, or the band in your watch can be made up of links – metal pieces that are continuously interwoven? The concept of a link in SEO is not much different; it’s an element on a page that guides you to another ‘interwoven’ (relevant) element on a different page. […]

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SEO Audit Reports – What’s the Technical Stuff? Part 5.

This is the last post in the Series “What is an SEO Audit?” In the last post, you saw what might make your site load slowly. Now, we’ll get to the technical parts.  What do people usually think of when they hear “SEO”? It’s usually meta-something, titles, h1 tags and a bunch of other confusing […]

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SEO Audit Reports – What if my Site is Slow? Part 4.

In the previous post in this series, we learned how to pick keywords that are relevant to your site and will help you get more traffic. By now you know what keywords you should be focusing on, which will help you immensely. But keywords aren’t the only answer. Search engines like Google want to know […]

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What is an SEO Audit? Part 1.

If you’re wondering what an SEO Audit is, or looking to perform an SEO Audit of your website, then this series is for you. Usually two kinds of cases arise where you need an SEO Audit: You want to know whether you’re doing your SEO correctly, or you need to start optimising your website for […]

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What are Rich Snippets?

The phrase rich snippets sounds a little weird for those of us who aren’t in the professional web design and SEO world. What’s rich? And what’s a snippet? Keep reading! What’s a rich snippet? A good way to explain this is through some examples. Sometimes, when you search Google for an event, a band, a […]

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How to choose SEO Keywords

This is probably one of the most important guides we have written, because having a grasp on what keywords mean, and how to pick them, not only is an important determinant of your success using MarketGoo, but it is critical if you are to optimise your site in any way. Hopefully the information presented here […]

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Broken Links and SEO

Updated May 2018 There’s nothing good about broken links on your site. They can affect visitors’ experience on your site and the way search engines like Google ‘see’ your site. In this post, we’ll cover: What are Broken Links? Why are broken links bad for SEO? What are Outbound or Outgoing Links? How to fix […]

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Search Console: How to make the most out of it

What’s Google Search Console? Search Console is the new name for the previous Google Webmaster Tools service, a very useful set of tools for your business’ online success for several reasons: Gives you a deep diagnosis of your website performance, errors and issues that you need to work on. Helps you to understand your visitors […]

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