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MarketGoo Review: SEO for Obstetric & Gynecology Websites

No better way to kick off the summer than to showcase one of our power users, who despite using MarketGoo for a short time, has had quick gains. While this is not a typical scenario, this user’s dedication to his site’s SEO and focus on specific keywords really gave him the upper hand for his […]

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Case Study: Wappa Paddle Boards

This week is starting off right with our Wappa Paddle Boards case study. They are low cost, eco-friendly stand up paddle boards that are high quality. Wappa’s founder Layne Pennel was kind enough to tell us a bit about how MarketGoo has helped his site. The site is built on Weebly’s platform, and also functions as an online […]

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MarketGoo Review: True Vine Ranch

This year has been a wild ride, and there are few better ways to top it off than with a great win from one of our users. The folks over at True Vine Ranch have successfully combined Paid Search and organic SEO and have gotten great results. Who are they and how’d they do it? […]

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MarketGoo Review: Ultimate Closet Systems

Today we’re showing you a MarketGoo user that has made good use of the tool and is a great example of a site that is powered by Weebly, caters to a niche (storage solutions) and has very positive SEO results. Like many of our users, Ultimate Closet Systems is a family owned business operating in a […]

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MarketGoo Review: Energize Health CA

Once again we are pleased to show you a MarketGoo power user that has done well with our tool.  Energize Health is a comprehensive Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture clinic in Northwest Calgary, Canada. They operate in an industry that is local, and they stand out in their niche because they have beat many competitors by […]

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User Spotlight:

One of our users signed up for MarketGoo via the Weebly App Centre and got off to a great start! We wanted to share their MarketGoo journey so far. Who?  Wordsmiths is a UK-based business editing firm, offering content writing, translating, editing and proofreading services. Needless to say, it’s not only in a competitive industry but […]

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MarketGoo Review: Real Estate site Nottingham Realty & Rentals

We’re excited to present a close look at one of our power users, Susan Nottingham of Nottingham Realty & Rentals, a family owned real estate company that provides property management services for home and condo rentals and sales, as well as house sitting services for Florida beach areas such as Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville and surrounding locations.  As […]