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Sprint update: 20.04.2018

Product – Development: Noindex tags scanning. Updating MarketGoo’ scanning to contemplate site pages with noindex tags to not be included in the implementation plan. Several minor fixes and bugs.     Tell us how we can improve our Sprint Updates! All the best from the team! David Roch Head of Product

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Breaking Bad Backlinks v2

Getting rid of ‘bad’ links to your site can be cumbersome and confusing. Based on our original post on identifying and removing links to your site that can hurt your rankings on search engines, we updated it and made it into a Slideshare presentation, below.   For practical reasons, here are the links you see within […]

getting rid of bad links
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MarketGoo Available on ePages App Store!

ePages has launched an App & Theme Store, with its sales partners Strato, 1&1, and Daily Internet among those now offering different apps and themes to customers. MarketGoo is delighted to be among the apps included in the Store, and we are available right now for 1&1 in the UK and the USA.  We will update you as this offering […]

marketgoo in the epages app store
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MarketGoo Now Available in Weebly’s New App Center!

MARKETGOO NOW AVAILABLE IN WEEBLY’S NEW APP CENTER MarketGoo App available through Weebly Marketplace enables a DIY approach for Small Business SEO and Web Marketing.   MADRID, Spain— October 2015 — Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and web marketing solutions provider MarketGoo, has been included in website builder Weebly’s new App Center, enabling users to access […]

search for us at the weebly app center!
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MarketGoo officially releases its APS Enabled Package

MarketGoo has officially released its APS Enabled Package In a much anticipated move, MarketGoo has released its APS enabled package which is now available in the APS Application Catalogue.  This news is the latest in a long line of improvements and new partnerships for MarketGoo, the latest being with Brazil-based KingHost.   In building this […]

MarketGoo is APS certified
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We Partnered with KingHost to Launch SEOCerto

KINGHOST PARTNERS WITH MARKETGOO TO LAUNCH WEB MARKETING TOOL SEOCERTO Brazil-based KingHost is MarketGoo’s latest global partnership. Both companies announced the launch of SEOCerto, an easy to use, budget-friendly tool for small and medium businesses to take control of their online strategy and optimize their websites for search engines. MADRID, Spain & Porto Alegre, Brazil— […]

SEO & Webmarketing for KingHost Users
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MarketGoo available on Namecheap Marketplace!

App available through Namecheap Marketplace enables a DIY approach for Small Business SEO and Web Marketing   MADRID, Spain. 23 June 2015 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and web marketing solutions provider MarketGoo, has reached an agreement with US-based domain registrar and web hosting company Namecheap in order to offer a web optimisation application specially […]

MarketGoo on the Namecheap Marketplace
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5 Must Read Web Marketing Articles for SMBs

Going through endless amounts of content you’ve found via Twitter, Newsletters, Facebook, etc.. trying to learn and stay on top of the latest marketing trends? Running your small business is hard enough, so this week we sifted through the noise and we have these 5 thought provoking articles that will help you put your marketing […]

Must Read SEO & Web Marketing Articles