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HTTPS and SSL Explained

Google recently posted a very enthusiastic post about HTTPS. If you’re a MarketGoo user, you know we check whether your site has an SSL certificate because it plays a part in your search engine ranking and is especially important if you sell any product or service through your website. Early this year we already recognised […]

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What is a Google My Business Page?

Why do I need a Google My Business Page? If you are a small business owner, your Google My Business Page is crucial for your online performance. We’re always telling you that you need a website, we told you a Facebook Page isn’t enough, so why are we telling you that you now need yet another […]

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User Spotlight:

One of our users signed up for MarketGoo via the Weebly App Centre and got off to a great start! We wanted to share their MarketGoo journey so far. Who?  Wordsmiths is a UK-based business editing firm, offering content writing, translating, editing and proofreading services. Needless to say, it’s not only in a competitive industry but […]

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Academy: Meta Tags

What are Meta Tags? Meta tags are pieces of information that search engines use to help determine what your site is about and its relevance to a user’s search. Meta tags consist of strategically including keywords and phrases that accurately portray the content on your website, mainly in your page’s title and description. Some pages […]

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What is the deal with the robots.txt file?

The name robots.txt sounds a little out there, especially when you’re new to SEO. Luckily, it sounds way weirder than it is. Website owners like you use the robots.txt file to give web robots instructions about their site. More specifically, it tells them which parts of your site you don’t want to be accessed by […]

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The What and Why of H1 Tags

You may have heard of main “Headers” and “Heading Tags”. These are also known as h1 tags (also written as <h1> tags) or a main Header, and you can recognise it because it will usually be the largest text in your page emphasised, and act as the title of your page or of a post. Not […]

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