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Resell SEO Tools

We have ample experience helping hosting and SMB providers increase ARPU, CLV and reduce churn.

How? marketgoo enables you to offer simple and highly actionable white label SEO tools, bundle them during registration flow, and leverage data to do all the cross-selling and up-selling you wish.

When you enable customers to improve their online visiblity, you’re powering real results for their business – while also increasing your ARPU and reducing churn through increased satisfaction and vendor lock-in.

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Enrich your Lead and Customer Data

We have over a decade of experience extracting website data and enriching it with digital marketing signals, making it simple to optimize your sales efforts.

Enhance your email and outbound campaigns, segment lead lists, generate website audits, speed up service fulfillment and much more.

If you’re an agency, Yellow Pages or local directory, telco or hosting company, you can now sell your digital solutions more effectively.


Resell SEO Tools

Proven Strategies

White Label, Bundle & Upsell – we’ve got the partnerships and experience under our belt to know what sales strategies work with your customer base.

We’re not just another vendor – we have deep knowledge and experience with SMBs and we’re your ally in sustainably increasing your revenue.

Partnership Model

If your customers are asking for SEO solutions and/or you’re looking to expand your revenue, you’re in the right place.

We offer a simple integration and standard revenue share. You can customize the tool with your branding, language(s) and offer multiple brands and different levels of service.


We have a simple integration and branding customization via Direct API, WHMCS and SDK.

Our flexible platform allows you to deliver different sets of front-end products, easily brand your SEO Tools, or even have a multi-brand and multi-lingual offering.

We’re also able to build custom products for different marketing strategies or verticals, etc.

Our SEO Tools

marketgoo Pro

A full SEO report and plan showing personalized, actionable tasks for the user, with detailed step-by-step instructions. Great for increasing your ARPU and retaining your clients.

marketgoo for WP

Easy to use and Actionable, our plugin takes our SEO tools and transforms them into a seamless WordPress experience under your own brand. Easy to understand SEO plan with guided tasks and instructions.

Demo Account

URL: marketgoo Login
Email: [email protected]
Password: demoHC

You’ll see a list of accounts that are either on the Pro version or Basic version. 
For a marketgoo for WP demo account, please contact us.

Our WP Plugin in action

Enrich Lead & Customer Data

Tier Zero powers our Data solutions

Enrich & Segment Lead Lists

Enrich your data with digital marketing signals, easily to obtaining actionable insights, segmenting your leads and optimizing your sales efforts.

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Website SEO Reports

marketgoo features

Bulk Scans

Batch scan websites for bulk email campaigns, identifying leads, analyzing market trends, setting benchmarks, and more

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Partner with Us and Boost Your Business!

Our partners love marketgoo

What Our Partners Say

Before marketgoo, Sales Reps would spend considerable time manually sourcing leads which had a low level of segmentation and were of varying


Rubén Coll Molina

marketgoo has proven to be among the best-selling partner products year after year, with low churn showing that customers are happy with the results.


Nadia Frost

What End Users Say

I find the reports that marketgoo generates give a brilliant insight into how our website is performing.
It helps to keep us ahead of our competitors and make the adjustment to keep us on top.
marketgoo is a must for every Webmaster.

Strahan Timber

Liam Beattie

I like that marketgoo tells me exactly what I need to do and gives detailed reports of my progress.
There are many aspects of SEO that I was not familiar with. Using marketgoo has increased my awareness and enabled me to make the needed changes to get my website found.

Coco & Leelee

Jaci Cutforth

Why marketgoo?

We’re a fully distributed team, working on building a unique, enduring Culture while creating impactful digital products.

Our ample experience serving SMBs, as well as Hosting and Web Presence providers, positions us to deliver high value to both Partner and End-User.

We’ve always aimed to do things ‘our way’ – while we work on your satisfaction, we also work our own team’s happiness and fulfillment.

Since our early days, we’ve searched for a Culture-fit, not only with our team members but also with our Partners.

To learn more about our approach to business and work, go to our Culture Page.


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