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marketgoo helps grow your business by providing easy, do-it-yourself SEO tools.

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Understand your site’s SEO issues

First, generate your Free SEO Report, which will show how you’re performing across important SEO categories such as keyword rankings, site loading time, content mix, social activity, and usability on mobile devices.

Understand your site’s SEO issues

Start improving your site’s SEO – all by yourself!

marketgoo PRO will tell you HOW to improve on your site. It gives you customized, easy-to-follow steps to start improving your site’s traffic, visibility and Google rankings right away.

Real SEO Experts support you every step of the way

marketgoo is with you for the long haul, if you are having trouble with SEO concepts or don’t understand how to implement a change, our Support team is always available to walk you through things.

Real SEO Experts support you every step of the way

User Testimonials

I have some technical aptitude but not enough for tools that are geared for developers and more savvy users. I am an overworked small business owner and not a web developer. As such I need a tool like marketgoo that seems to have targeted small business owners as the primary users.

I looked at several other tools, but they seemed very expensive. The fact that I was able to get a discount through Weebly to try your service made it very cost effective to me. I believe that I am getting very good value for my money.

It can be very difficult to piece together where your website is failing. marketgoo shows me exactly what needs improvement and how to optimize it, specifically in terms of content and SEO. Those are the most valuable features to me because it helps me to improve my own efficiency.

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