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5 Important WordPress SEO Tips For Images

Our friends over at WP Engine have some very useful WordPress SEO tips to help you optimise your site’s images. Here, Darcy Wheeler explains why images are important for your site’s SEO and what.   A picture is not only worth a thousand words, it can be worth thousands of pageviews as well. Since cameras […]

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Why isn’t your Site Making any Money?

My site isn’t making me any money! Whether you had grand dreams for your website or just started it to see where it would go, if you have asked yourself WHY can’t I make a cent off my website?, you’re not alone. Most of our users at one time or another have told us that […]

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Is your site Mobile Friendly?

How do I know if my site is Mobile friendly? Does it matter? What’s all this talk about “mobile first”? If you have had a website for a few years and tried to improve its rankings, at some point you’ve heard of optimising for mobile or making it mobile friendly. So why are people talking […]

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Continuous Learning Culture

At MarketGoo we have two main goals: To help SMBs to be successful online by providing easy software tools and to build a strong corporate culture within our team. So what does the latter mean exactly? Well, basically we aim to create, maintain and improve a corporate culture that makes our team happier. In this […]

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2016 at MarketGoo: an intense year in retrospect

2016 is gone and it’s very interesting to use the natural conclusion of the year to put things into perspective. It’s been a great year for MarketGoo – but this is the usual fluff content you read all over the place at this time of year, don’t you? It’s quite easy to just focus on […]

marketgoo looks back on 2016
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MarketGoo Review: True Vine Ranch

This year has been a wild ride, and there are few better ways to top it off than with a great win from one of our users. The folks over at True Vine Ranch have successfully combined Paid Search and organic SEO and have gotten great results. Who are they and how’d they do it? […]

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SEO Pros: How to effectively sell your SEO services

SEO professionals are highly sought-after on the web, and there is a reason: SEO is a very important component of online marketing, and SEO standards and guidelines are constantly changing at an ever-increasing pace, so much so that it might be quite hard to follow for a business owner or an entrepreneur. Enter the expert, […]

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3 SEO tips you can use for the Holidays

The shopping season is already upon us, and you might be wondering how you can turn this holiday spirit into more business for your online store. There are already so many shoppers who will default directly to Amazon to search for gifts (55 % to be exact), which means you have to focus hard on […]

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Product Update: November 2016

Product Update is our monthly communication that showcases the latest changes and improvements we’ve accomplished. Here is what we did in November: WordPress Readiness CMSs are fundamental to understand how website building has evolved in the last years. Among them, WordPress is the one platform that stands alone with a market share around 20% of […]

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