marketgoo helps grow your businesses by providing easy, do-it-yourself SEO tools adapted for non technical users.

Help your business grow

Review your site

In an effort to audit your site and determine where you can improve, sometimes as a website owner you will resort to a variety of online tools to evaluate each aspect of your website.

Optimize for search

As soon as you sign up, marketgoo submits your website to the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing), and continuously checks to see where you rank in web searches.

Check your content

marketgoo takes a look at the types of content on your website plus the frequency with which you make updates, and offers recommendations that will make your site more interesting — both to visitors and search engines.

Increase popularity

marketgoo gives you steps to climb higher in search rankings, such as how to boost the number of inbound links you have from other websites. We work to increase your knowledge of the ideas and concepts behind a site’s popularity.

Be social

marketgoo looks at your activity and user engagement on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and gives you pointers to improve your social media visibility.

Adopt mobile

marketgoo evaluates how well your website functions on smartphones and tablets, then provides advice to ensure your website is speedy and easy to use on mobile.

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