Simple pricing

MarketGoo Evo

$ 132
every 12 months
p / website
Best value!!!

$ 107,4 OFF!
$ 75
every 6 months
p / website
$ 44,70 OFF!
$ 19,95
p / month
p / website
Great if you’re ready to dive head in to website optimization!
Perfect to start growing your sales!
All you ned to test the waters and get started optimizing!
  • Includes 1 website
  • Optimise for up to 25 keywords
  • Spy on up to 4 competitors (they’ll never know)
  • Hundreds of recommendations specifically for your site

Agency Pack

$79.80p / month
5 websites
Perfect for agencies,
SEO Pros & multibrand businesses
  • Up to 4 competitors p / website
  • White Label-just upload your logo!
  • Monitor up to 25 keywords p & website
  • Additional websites only $16 p / month

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Website marketing made easy. No… really.

Here’s how you will gain more awareness, traffic, and revenue with MarketGoo:

Know where you stand

Site audit & competitive analysis

Thorough review

From the moment you sign up, MarketGoo analyzes your website and social media presence to give you a complete, ongoing picture of your marketing performance.

Competitive analysis

MarketGoo gives you intelligence about your competitors that will help you get ahead of the pack.

Mobile performance

With more people accessing the web from their mobile devices than ever before, MarketGoo gives you important information on how well your site works on smartphones and tablets.


Launch with confidence

Step-by-step recommendations, in plain English

Step-by-step tasks

MarketGoo gently guides you through the prioritized steps to put your marketing plan into action — in plain English and without the need for technical experts.

Customized recommendations

MarketGoo gives recommendations specific to your site, making them even easier to implement.

Steady reassurance

As soon as you carry out a recommendation, MarketGoo checks your site to let you know that you’ve successfully completed the task.


Stay on top

MarketGoo never stops working for you

Immediate alerts

MarketGoo is always on the lookout for changes to your marketing profile, notifying you instantly when there’s something that needs your attention.

Frequent updates

MarketGoo provides real-time feedback through your dashboard and also delivers easy-to-read weekly and monthly reports.

Keeping pace with technology

From changes to search engines to the latest social networking craze, MarketGoo keeps up with ever-changing technology.