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marketgoo for WordPress

The only white label SEO plugin for non experts – designed for web presence providers to resell & increase customer spend.

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Why Guided SEO for WordPress?

The lack of guidance and results around your customers’ online visibility (SEO) is causing them to lower their spend with you, and even leave you.

If you're a Hosting company, Domain Registrar or SMB provider, this user need presents a revenue expansion opportunity that you're in a unique position to leverage.

Perfect for Web Presence Providers

White Label, Bundle & Upsell

When small business owners are in the market for a domain or a website, they want to make sure they can reach their business goals – which means they’re ready to start with SEO.

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How it Works for You

A hassle free, white label integration for a guided SEO plugin that helps you increase your WordPress customers’ spend and satisfaction.

How it works for your Customers

Sign Up Free
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They can sign up through your purchase flow, back-of-site, or a dedicated page. Once inside the plugin, they’ll complete a quick onboarding wizard.

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See Site’s SEO Report

Instant scan & overview of SEO performance & issues stopping the site from appearing in search results.

Follow Your SEO Plan
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Follow the SEO Plan

The SEO plan has tasks to fix the site’s specific issues, & step-by-step instructions for each task, which they can complete & check in real time.

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Monitor Results

The monthly reports help track SEO progress, and your Support team (trained by marketgoo) will be able to easily answer any questions.

What Users have to Say

I liked how easy it was to get the pages to improve directly from the plugin giving me a list of pages with SEO errors to fix. I didn’t even have to make the effort to go through the list of pages in WordPress and manually pick a page to see if there was anything wrong with it SEO-wise: the plugin did it for me!

Compared to marketgoo, I think Yoast is a bit more confusing about what you’re supposed to do & what needs doing.

One thing that marketgoo does well is tell you what you have to do, a task list. So I know that there is this page overview here and you have this ranking over here that kind of tells you if it’s bad or good.


marketgoo for WordPress

Full White Label


Co-Branded also available

Complete Custom Branding

Search Engine Submission

SEO Report

Custom SEO Plan with tasks

Step by Step instructions for each task in your SEO Plan

Comprehensive Plan

Updated Report & Plan


Monthly Progress Report via email

Optimization Tool with Focus Keyword for each Page/Post

Keyword Tracking

Up to 20

Competitor Monitoring

Up to 4

Plugin Features

Getting the Basics right.

Partners already Offering our SEO Plugin


More questions? Contact us.

Please contact us so we can better understand your requirements. If you’re a WHMCS or Vendasta reseller, please include that information.

The marketgoo WordPress SEO Plugin is a product separate from the Lite and Pro web applications, and comes as one paid plan instead of multiple tiers. Its features are closest to marketgoo Pro.

They are great plugins that help the user Configure their SEO – but fall short in Guiding the non expert user through it and focusing on getting the basics right.

marketgoo changes the SEO experience in WordPress for non experts by guiding them from their very first step. No need for endless tutorials or expensive online courses- just jump right in! 

marketgoo is a Do-it-Yourself tool, so while it helps with analyzing a site and giving recommendations, tasks and instructions for the user to optimise their site, we don’t make these changes for the user. You can, however, natively upsell to your managed SEO services from within the plugin. Ask us how.

marketgoo partners with various Hosting providers, Domain registrars & other web presence providers who offer our WordPress plugin to their own customers. We currently don’t offer it directly to individual site owners, but you can ask us whether your web host offers it!

Don't want SEO tools?
No problem!

If an SEO offering is not in your plans, marketgoo’s data points can still serve you & your customers by identifying points for improvement in their websites and enabling you to cross sell and upsell your other products and solutions.