Culture is Deliberate


Our Why

Our why is to build a company with a unique Culture, that creates impactful digital products.

Our What

Providing Hosting Providers with SEO solutions that they resell.


June 2012

It's just the Co-Founders Wences & José Miguel, with Roberto in Sales. We acquire our very 1st marketgoo users.

February 2014

Jaime joins the team
Jaime Muñoz

Head of Engineering

March 2014

Larissa joins the team
Larissa Murillo

Head of Marketing

October 2015

David joins the team
David Roch

Head of Product

December 2015

Pedro joins the team
Pedro Parra

Front-End Engineer

June 2017

Diego joins the team
Diego Pascual

Front-End Engineer​

March 2018

Earl joins the team
Earl Cruz

Partner Success Manager

April 2018

Ilmars joins the team
Ilmars Venskis

Business Development

May 2018

We enter Phase 2 of our Culture phases

December 2018

Daniel joins the team
Daniel Ordax-Avecilla

Backend Engineer

Yaye joins the team
Yaye Caceres

Growth Manager

Óscar joins the team
Óscar Otero

Product Designer

Sebastian joins the team
sebastian kruger
Sebastian Kruger

Head of Partnerships

March 2019

We start shaping our marketgoo Operating System (mOS)

July 2019

We close our office and go 100% remote

March 2020

We launch our Self-set Salaries experiment

June 2020

María joins the team
María Blanco

Frontend Engineer

Grisel joins the team
Grisel Matos

Frontend Engineer

August 2020

Antonio joins the team
Antonio Peleteiro

Backend Engineer

Our Values

Proud of What We Do 💪

We take pride in our work and feel rewarded through the challenges we take on and the quality we deliver.

Working on a Dream 💭

We commit to projects that power our freedom and wellbeing.

Reach for the Stars ✨

We aspire to be a high performing group that takes on challenges.

Deep Trust 💙

We fully trust each other to be vulnerable and completely honest (without being jerks).

Our Guiding Principles

Be Flexible ⚡

Embrace and drive change.

Stay Hungry 🍖​

Don’t let the good times hypnotize you, don’t forget that you always need to be persistent and seeking improvement and growth.

Always be Learning 🦉​

Seek wisdom growth as a team and individually.

Disagree & Commit 💯​

Communicate and listen, be vulnerable and have empathy. Be passionate about your ideas without being overly attached to them.

End-User in mind 🙋‍♂️​

The value we provide doesn’t stop at the Partner – we serve those who serve end-users and aim to satisfy them both.

Embrace Simplicity ☕​

Peel away the unnecessary, redundant or low-value layers and strive for simplicity.




Ricardo Semler

“The author chronicles a family business: a manufacturing company in 1980’s Brazil, that created an amazing Culture, eliminating bureaucracy and unneeded middle management. This was, and still is, a revolutionary achievement. If your startup’s values include trust and radical honesty, this is your book.

It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work
It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work

Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

“The guys from Basecamp know that work should be something beyond a soul crushing time-suck. This no- fluff book guides you on being calmer, more productive and prioritizing your team’s wellbeing while reclaiming your time.”


Gino Wickman

“Learn from a simple but powerful company operating system that will give your leadership team more focus and enable you to effectively tackle issues and optimize people, processes, execution, management, and communication. We developed our own marketgoo Operating System based on this book.”




Chuleton is a large steak. We say we run on chuletón-based technology, an inside joke about how the offer of a delicious feast once propelled our Devs to massively overdeliver.

Translates into something like “We are f****ing great, but we are clueless”. We say it a lot because it’s important to be both humble and confident – and for us to know when to be which.

We’ve never believed in spending ‘just because we can’. We are a lean team with plenty of resources that we choose to invest wisely.

During every quarterly meeting, we each say a word that describes how we feel at that moment, coming into the meeting. A lot of us have said ‘expectante’ (expectant) and even after 6 years, at least one person always chooses that word.

This is a phrase we use to remind ourselves how far we’ve come, and also the journey we still have left to travel – have we arrived?

No matter how great things are going, we need to understand and prepare ourselves for a worst case scenario. Sometimes when we’re discussing a move or project, we dedicate time to forecasting unfavourable scenarios.

A long time ago, a young and naive Yaye (our CRO) shared an article to our learning channel without explaining why he thought it was valuable or useful, and the burns came swiftly and mercilessly in the form of What’s the Learning Yaye?

mOS - marketgoo operating system


Where we Work


We are 100% remote! We currently have no office, but once upon a time we did have one in Madrid. In total we had 4 different office locations.

From home

Many people work from home. We have a budget to outfit your home office. Please get a good chair and a good desk.

From coffee shops

Some of us choose to work from coffee shops or other third spaces. When you’re on cafe wifi, please be mindful of security.

From a coworking space

A few of us enjoy working from a coworking space and the opportunity it provides to network and be part of a community. We offer a €200/month for this setup.

We’re in different cities

Map of remote work locations at marketgoo


As a new Gooer, you’ll be provided with 2 checklists that you should review and complete. Additionally, in the Culture section of our Notion workspace, you’ll see there are all the tools you need to set up (and how to access them) an explanation on how we do things at marketgoo, and a Who’s Who section so you can put a face to the people you’ll be communicating with!


Meetings held on a fixed basis in the calendar and compulsory for team members to attend are the Quarterly and Annual Meeting Pulse, and for the Leadership Team, the Bi-Weekly Meeting Pulse. These follow a strict Agenda that is shared beforehand, and is available on the mOS section of our Notion workspace.

Meetings held on an spontaneous basis as consequence of daily work needs should observe the following:


  • All employees have 22 working days per worked year in addition to national/local holidays.

  • Madrid Holidays are considered “off-days” for most employees regardless of from where there are working. If you want to observe your local holidays, let your team know!

  • Due to our Goompleaños policy every employee also has their birthday as an “off-day”.

  • If an employee misses a holiday or a Goompleaños due to a compressed working week, they can take a substitute day as time off. Employees who want to take their substitute day must inform their manager and team mates.

  • We encourage you to take at least the half or two thirds of your vacations during August, when the market and company has less activity. The rest can be spent freely along the year (most employees take Christmas vacations).

  • If you need to take vacations outside of August to match your personal needs, talk with your team manager.

  • Talk with you team manager at least 2 months before to fix your dates in the company calendar and adapt the company plans for these dates. If you cannot find such anticipation, then at least 1 week notice is needed.

  • Also talk with your teammates to be sure somebody remains in charge of urgencies or unexpected problems during vacations (don’t leave all during the same days).

  • Make sure you put your availability online on the marketgoo calendar and that you set yourself “Busy” so no one accidentally books you for a meeting.

  • Your vacations are yours. Enjoy and disconnect.

  • Turn off your notifications and set up an “I’ll be off email” so any external stakeholder will be warned. If you are needed due to an urgency your manager or team mates can call you.

  • Be flexible. Your manager will always try to fulfill your needs, but sometimes it’s not possible due to the team organization.

  • You manager and team mates will always try to respect your days off, but let them know how to locate you in case of an emergency.

  • Before leaving talk with your teammates and explain to them anything remarkable about your projects. This will minimize the chances of disturbing you during your vacations.

You can take courses, certifications, join professional communities, order books and more with your learning budget. To see the most up to date budget, see the Culture section on our Notion workspace. Travel expenses related to events and courses are paid with the learning budget.

  • Everyone in the company has budget to buy a laptop or a combination of laptop and other items (screen, mouse, keyboard…). We encourage you to use a laptop for mobility, so you can bring it to our meetings, retreats …

  • New members when hired will be asked about it to have it on the first work day

  • Current members in need of a replacement should ask their direct manager and arrange the purchase and delivery with the Team Assistant.  

  • In general terms the budget is up to 2.000 € (VAT included), but some specific teams have different budgets due the nature of their work. 

  • This budget can also be used for repairs, improvements or accessories. If your laptop screen is too small for daily work maybe you need an external screen.

  • If  the budget is not enough for your needs, please talk with your manager and look for a solution together instead of buying something that doesn’t cover your needs. Maybe hardware prices increased and the budget has become obsolete. If this happen we should review the budget policy. Don’t be afraid to ask.
  • All team members have a Quarterly meeting travel cap

  • Madrid team members: when going to the airport, please take the Metro, carpool, Uber (share when possible) and use the company account. Always keep receipts.

  • Team members outside Madrid: Ask the TA for help so we can always get the best price.

  • Travel expenses related to events and courses are paid with the learning budget.

  • See the most up do date travel caps in the Culture section of our Notion workspace.

We’re currently experimenting with each team member proposing what they think their current salary should be, and making salary revisions based on that. The case is made after pouring over our financials, your own personal needs and situation, market rates, where you’re currently living, among other factors.

Currently it’s in pilot mode, but we feel confident that we will be able to officially implement this model as policy in the future.

Team Assistant

OKRs (Objective & Key Results)





Our past retreat locations

October 2016

Menorca, Spain

April 2017

Aldán, Spain

October 2017

Xátiva, Spain

April 2018

A Coruña, Spain

October 2018

Cascais, Portugal

April 2019

Aldán, Spain

October 2019

Cadiz, Spain



To see more tools used by specific teams, visit their section on our Notion workspace.

Notes on a Culture

Our Founder’s Blog

Our Culture Blog


Recap of some our our past Retreats
Some curated moments
Our B-Reel of day to day happenings!


“Sharing your fears and challenges with like-minded people who are also going through something similar is one of the best tools to prevent and overcome burnout and validate assumptions.”

“‘I’m not the owner of the culture,’ marketgoo founder and CEO Wences Garcia says. “It’s the team together that is creating the culture of the company and the values we want to reinforce.'”

“I felt we were a success as a company even before we turned a profit. It’s a matter of defining success. Today, we are successful margin-wise but our culture and model was a success even before!”

“The Founder needs to be on top of Culture from the beginning that’s why I also self-style as Head of Culture — I see it linked to our Business Objectives and Values.”