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Seeing the marketgoo score regularly has given me the desire to improve. Favorite feature: scanning my site on demand.

marketgoo has helped me to get on the map in the world of Google. As a result, my traffic & sales have increased tremendously. It helps me to work on the areas that actually need work to help me rank higher in Google searches. My favorite feature: Google Analytics integration.

The app is a big help once, you learn how to use it and it works for you. My favorite feature is the Reporting.

I was not getting much traffic to my website but with the help of marketgoo I was able to generate the correct website content to drive more traffic.
marketgoo helped me to increase my traffic.

Maine Coons Vermont

Rhiannon Esposito

Once I fixed my SEO and other technical issues on my website, traffic skyrocketed. Suggestions from the keyword tool also gave me interesting insight to rank for more keywords than I previously estimated for some content. Besides, it’s easy to work with marketgoo when you have all those lovely guiding illustrations to make the job almost fun!

I like marketgoo because it’s so easy for a small company like us to improve our service and site overall without being an expert. It helped my company to be in one of the 3 first Google pages for our main keywords.


Dunes Event

Fanny V.

marketgoo has a simple interface, well explained task list and it makes the SEO world a little less daunting. 

Chef Guillaume Dunos

Mike Turner

The best thing about marketgoo is that it teaches me how to optimize my website for search engines and I see the results in just a few days. At any time, I can view where competitors’ websites are being linked from and see if they are using a new link directory to boost their rankings. I also like the fact that I can optimize several pages on my website, not just my first page.

Kellogg Photography

Brian Kellogg

marketgoo has helped me correct many errors on my site, and I’ve improved my work routine thanks to the tool. My ranking on Google has improved with certain keywords and I’ve noticed this has driven customers to my site.The Support team has always been efficient, answering every one of my questions.

marketgoo always seem to be on top of what’s best for our site. It points out to me issues that need to be addressed to easy SEO, and keep tabs on my competitors as well.

California Hydrogen Water Co.

Steve Hanna

I find the reports that marketgoo generate give a brilliant insight into how our website is performing.
marketgoo helps to keep us ahead of our competitors and make the adjustment to keep us on top. marketgoo is a must for every Webmaster.

Strahan Timber

Liam Beattie

We’re launching an AI Co-Pilot for business management. Our market launch success is absolutely dependent on a highly performing website – marketgoo is perfect for that purpose.  It is vital to focus on the right keywords in our website and the keyword tool is highly effective and easy to use.

Dieter Legat

Delta Institute

Dieter Legat

marketgoo helps me see which keywords work the best and reach more clients. My favourite feature: the keyword selection tool.

Michael Smith

Micks Tours Belfast

Michael Smith

I appreciate marketgoo because as a novice to running a website,  the step by step help works well for me.

There are always things I can do to improve my SEO that they make me aware of. I couldn’t optimize my site without them!

Trauma Informed MD review

Trauma Informed MD

Laura Shamblin, MD

Such a simple reliable platform! It’s helped me see where we stand next to our local competitors. Its part of our day to day. The best feature is the keyword tool.

marketgoo has shown me how to optimize each and every page on my website to boost organic traffic. It has shown me exactly what to add or remove on each page in order to boost my SEO rankings.

marketgoo reports give me everything I need to know for my site’s SEO.
I am constantly fine tuning my site to work towards a higher rating. I read various MrketGoo reports then immediately work out how to implement recommendations.

Koningen Art

Svein Koningen

What we like about marketgoo is how practical and easy it is to use. In no time, it gives us a complete picture of our website’s marketing effectiveness, with very detailed recommendations. We get the most out of marketgoo by setting a few minutes aside to follow the easy-to-understand suggestions and track our weekly improvements. Although we have only been using it for a short time, it’s already helped us tremendously. Our load time has been reduced by half!

Fundación Maior

Irene Martín

I like the fact that marketgoo tells me how to optimise my website for more traffic. It identifies areas that need to be changed for my website to be found on the internet, and has improved my google ranking.

More people are finding my workshops, and also my art because of changes that I have made from suggestions from marketgoo.

Gayle Reichelt Art

Gayle Reichelt

I have some technical aptitude but not enough for tools that are geared for developers and more savvy users. I am an overworked small business owner and not a web developer. As such I need a tool like marketgoo that seems to have targeted small business owners as the primary users.

True Vine Ranch

Doug Wiley

marketgoo is a great user friendly tool for your business!
marketgoo has allowed me to be more effective and assisted in correcting errors on my online store.

Before marketgoo, helping my clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of SEO was stressful. I felt limited by off-the-shelf tools and lacked the resources to offer truly customized solutions. Then I discovered marketgoo, and everything changed.

Afritech Media - Brian

Afritech Media

Brian Yatich

The platform has really helped me build the profile of my Lenham Sprite in the racing community. I am no expert on website builds but the reports really help you improve the sites overall visibility on Google etc.

YFY 467 Rob Clubbe

YFY 467

Rob Clubbe

It provides information on how my site is performing and shows me what I need to know, relative to site traffic and trends. My favorite feature: the Reports.
Sound of the Shoals Guitar Amplifiers

Sound of the Shoals Guitar Amplifiers

Anthony Pace

Without marketgoo I would never have been able to have my website on the first page of google for all the keywords that are linked to my business, its ease of use and the customer service when I’ve needed help has been first class. It really has helped my business with been online more than I could have ever dreamed.

marketgoo made the complicated simple for me. I never knew where to start with SEO until I started using this service.
Literally, I more than doubled my traffic when I started using this. PLUS, the customer service was super helpful with my many questions.

I looked at several other tools, but they seemed very expensive. The fact that I was able to get a discount through Weebly to try your service made it very cost effective to me. I believe that I am getting very good value for my money.

Wappa Paddle Boards

Layne Pennell

It can be very difficult to piece together where your website is failing. marketgoo shows me exactly what needs improvement and how to optimize it, specifically in terms of content and SEO. Those are the most valuable features to me because it helps me to improve my own efficiency.

Ultimate Closet Systems

Alaina Stuckey

I like that marketgoo Tells me exactly what I need to do and gives detailed reports of my progress.
There are many aspects of SEO that I was not familiar with. Using marketgoo has increased my awareness and enabled me to make the needed changes to get my website found.

Coco & Leelee

Jaci Cutforth

It is very easy to use, very helpful with making my website more profitable.
It helped me understand how to make my website better, and more attractable for clients.

Disturbing the peace car Audio

Kevin Anderson

I love tasks list feature, simply because it guides and leads you into the right direction, eliminating task by task, to achieve your goals and boost up your site with views.
It is a simple but very effective tool, that allows even a complete newbie to be your own SEO.

Satan's Cathedral

Alexette Gabrielle Darc

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