We are guided by clear values and vision

Our vision is to be the standard, preferred platform used by Small Businesses and Web Professionals to improve and take control of their website’s online presence, democratizing the tools and know-how that were previously unavailable to small businesses.

Stackify published a special on MarketGoo culture and values. Read it here!

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Improving online visibility for SMBs since 2012

We launched in 2012 to help SMBs grow their businesses by providing easy, do-it-yourself SEO tools to increase site traffic and search rankings. MarketGoo is also a great white label solution for telcos, hosting companies, and others to increase revenue and create added value for customers.

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Make your SMB grow

We help grow your Business

We help small enterprises succeed by greatly improving online visibility. MarketGoo is cost-effective and easy to use… and it really works! Discover Joel’s story.

MarketGoo is looking for talented individuals

Do you love marketing, technology, and being part of a team dedicated to creative solutions? Send us your CV!

We believe in a strong corporate culture. We’re based in Madrid but our team members are all over the world.

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Be part of “Goo Life”

Goo Life is at the core of how the MarketGoo team learns, grows, and has fun together while ensuring customers are happy and successful. Our diverse roster comprises talented individuals from a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds.

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Meet the Founding Team: Wences & José Miguel

Our founders combined their years of marketing and internet services experience to create MarketGoo with a singular purpose: to help customers grow and achieve success online without the need for technical skills and expertise.


Meet Wences



Meet José Miguel


Here we are!

We work hard to provide world-class ideas and solutions that can easily become part of your day-to-day routine. Be part of the MarketGoo experience! Contact us!