About Us

A talented and committed, remote-first team.

Our why is to build a company with a unique Culture, that creates impactful digital products.

Our Values

Proud of What We Do 💪

We take pride in our work and feel rewarded through the challenges we take on and the quality we deliver.

Working on a Dream 💭

We commit to projects that power our freedom and wellbeing

Reach for the Stars ✨

We aspire to be a high performing group that takes on challenges

Deep Trust 💙

We fully trust each other to be vulnerable and completely honest (without being jerks)

Our Guiding Principles

Always be Learning 🦉

Seek wisdom growth as a team and individually.

Collaborate Effectively 🎼

Communicate & listen, be vulnerable and have empathy. Be passionate about your ideas without being overly attached, embrace simplicity & be proactive.

Stay Hungry 🍖

Don’t let the good times hypnotize you, don’t forget that you always need to be persistent and seeking improvement and growth.

Strive for Autonomy, Ownership, Humility & Trust 💯​

Be a self-starter who adheres to rigorous standards, be open to ‘disagree and commit’, embrace and drive change and accountability.

Our Team

Wences Garcia

Founder, GM & Head of Culture

José Miguel Pérez

Co-Founder & Tech Visionary

David Roch

Head of Product

Larissa Murillo

Head of Marketing

Pedro Parra

Front-End Engineer

Jaime Muñoz

Head of Engineering

Earl Cruz

Partner Success Manager

Óscar Otero

Product Designer

Daniel Ordax-Avecilla

Backend Engineer

María Blanco

Front-End Engineer

Grisel Matos

Front-End Engineer

Miguel Romero

Front-End Engineer

Óscar J. Baeza

Backend Engineer

Sonia Alemany

Product Manager

Démian Freau marketgoo
Démian Freau

Head of Partnerships

Joan Morell

Backend Engineer

Our Culture #GooLife

Culture is Deliberate at marketgoo, and one of the pillars of our Company. #GooLife is how we document it.

We work for it to enable team members to achieve their personal and professional goals while living the life they want & advancing marketgoo’s ‘Why’.

GooLife image

Our Culture seen from the Inside

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