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marketgoo for WHMCS

Leverage the flexibility provided by WHMCS and offer your customers the easiest SEO tool.

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WHMCS + marketgoo: the quickest way to increase your revenue

Get more renewals and increase customer spend by helping your customers get the traffic and search rankings they want – no technical skills required.

The key features that will delight your customers, giving them real results:

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SEO Plan

Users will immediately understand where there is room for improvement and get recommendations tailored for their site

Easy keyword research and monitoring

Keywords can be very overwhelming for Users who are not familiar with SEO. marketgoo provides recommended keywords and also allows the user to search and input the ones they want to optimize for.

Easy competitor research and monitoring

Keeping tabs on competitors is a great way to see what they’re doing to get traffic and how your numbers stack up against theirs. They’ll never know you’re watching!

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Step by Step Instructions

Instructions that are written for non-tech savvy users will guide them through completing each recommendation, with examples, videos and explanations giving them context as to why each change is important.

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Monthly Report

Every month, users get an email with their site’s SEO progress and can also download it in PDF format.

Individual Page Optimization tool

marketgoo will guide the user through optimizing each individual page of their site, by matching it to one of the keywords they have chosen, and making sure the frequency and placement are correct.

How does it work?

It’s easy as 1-2-3 for you and for your customers.

After you enable marketgoo, your customers will be able to sign up for marketgoo lite, which will scan their site and instantly provide an SEO Report and Improvement Plan.

Sign Up Free

The customer can use it as a checklist to improve their SEO issues, track and optimize for a few keywords and download their PDF Report every month.

Follow Your SEO Plan
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If they want step-by-step instructions on how to make all the recommended improvements, along with more keyword optimization and competitor monitoring, they can upgrade to marketgoo PRO.

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That’s it! they’re on their way to optimizing their website by themselves, with no technical knowledge required.

The Only resellable SEO tool designed specifically for Hosters

Give your customers the tools to successfully grow their online business!

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Made for hosting providers

We come from the Hosting industry and understand your unique challenges in providing quality solutions & support to a price-sensitive customer. Our Partners include Bluehost,, HostGator and more.

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Easy to use

We have almost a decade of experience serving SMBs, and we know what they look for in SEO tools.

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Our reviews & testimonials

Leverage the marketgoo name and customer satisfaction – see our reviews!

marketgoo is very easy to use, it provides actionable SEO recommendations, and is the perfect value-added offering to your hosting services.

Why offer SEO?

  • SEO tools have a high uptake rate, provide good margins and have not yet been commoditized – offering them can be a powerful differentiator for you.
  • The average American small business spends $497.16 per month on SEO services.
  • 54% of SMBs say they rely on in-house efforts for SEO.  Want more SEO stats? See here.
  • Differentiate your services by offering your customers an SEO tool that will get real results for their business.
  • Our SEO tools have a strong attachment rate when offered during purchase flow – take advantage of this tried and true strategy!
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You need to be on WHMCS 7.10 

marketgoo Lite is an SEO tool for starters, great for your clients to get acquainted with SEO reports and fixing the basics. marketgoo Pro offers a complete SEO plan including detailed reports, competitor and keyword tracking and guided step by step instructions on how to fix their site’s issues. This is the one your clients want if they’re committed to improving traffic, number of leads, and search engine rankings. 

marketgoo is a Do-it-Yourself tool, so while it analyzes a site and gives recommendations, tasks and instructions for it be optimized, we don’t make these changes for the user.

White-label customization is not available, but by reselling SEO tools under marketgoo branding, you can benefit from our recognition and user satisfaction.  

We’re flattered by the interest! But as a small-medium hoster, WHMCS is currently the best fit to quickly and easily begin reselling our SEO tools! 

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