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What’s new in marketgoo – June 2024

in Product Update. Last Updated on June 28th, 2024

In the lead-up to Summer, we were at CloudFest USA, WCEU, onboarding partners to the mDI pilot program, and rolling out some new SEO features we’ll share below!

AI-Powered Page Optimization in WordPress

Previously we shared that our web app had AI-powered guidance to help users optimize individual pages. Now, that feature is available for our WordPress plugin as well!  

The AI-guided optimization flow for pages and posts appears directly in the WordPress editor, making it easy for users to get a fully optimized page in a few clicks. 

This takes the guesswork out of selecting a focus keyword and including it in the right places. Users with little or no SEO knowledge will be extra satisfied with this feature!  

This is why we wanted to provide more guidance for users to determine the target keyword on which to focus optimization efforts for each of their website pages. 

auto-optimization in WordPress with marketgoo AI powered guidance

Who it’s for: WordPress Pro users. WordPress Free users will need to upgrade to be able to use it.

Where the feature appears: the WordPress editor, in the right-hand side menu. Users must be at least on version 1.9.0 of the plugin. 

New WordPress Wizard!

We introduced the new onboarding wizard for our Web App, and now it’s available for our WordPress plugin as well! 

This allows plugin users to customize the key settings of the SEO plugin as soon as they open it for the first time. 

We’ve simplified the initial setup of the SEO plugin, and the user is presented with a series of screens to configure:

  • Website goal
  • Website industry
  • Country target
  • Competitors (can include AI-powered suggestions)

Who it’s for: all WordPress Plugin users.

Where the feature appears: the WordPress plugin. Users must be at least on version 1.9.0 of the plugin. 

Web App Updates

We have a small but delightful UI update: the Web App displays the domain the user is optimizing, and a dropdown is included to show all the sites, if the user is optimizing more than one. 

Redirections, Canonicals, and more

In just a few days, customers will see noindex, redirections, and canonical management functionalities in the WordPress plugin! 

What they’ll be able to do:

  • Noindex Directives: Easily mark pages to keep irrelevant content out of search results.
  • Canonical URLs: Specify preferred versions of pages to avoid duplicate content.
  • Redirection Management: Set 301 redirects to any URL you need.

Who it’s for: all WordPress Pro Plugin users. WordPress free users will be shown an upgrade message instead. 

Where the feature appears: the post editor, plugin menu, or bulk configuration in the WordPress posts/pages list. Users must be on the latest version of the WordPress Pro plugin, as of July 2 2024. 

Coming very soon

We’re always working on improving UX and the information we show users to help them understand where they are in regards to their site’s optimization levels. 

To that end, very soon we’re updating how we detect backlinks, so we can get deeper insights into link profiles and the most precise and up-to-date information. 

Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for the next few days because we’ll be revamping the keyword rankings in the Web App to reflect up to 12 months of data, allowing the user to customize the period reflected in the charts. 

We know SEO is a long term game and want them to see how far they’ve come!

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