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Our 2024 SEO Product Roadmap 

in Product Update. Last Updated on May 16th, 2024

At marketgoo, we’re dedicated to providing best-in-class SEO solutions for both web hosting resellers and their end-user customers.

We’re excited to share our roadmap for the upcoming months, full of features designed to maintain the product’s quality and reliability, improve the perceived value and satisfaction of end-users, and continue to provide close support and collaboration with our Partners.

Already Released 

  • For our WordPress SEO Plugin, we introduced a redesigned sidebar in the post editor. Reorganized tasks, with potential for future expansions, and color-coded indicators to track task progress.
  • Our plugin also incorporated an easy-to-use UI for selecting custom structured data markup per page/post.
  • For our Web App, we have improved UX, with a better navigation, updated menu items and a responsive experience.
  • We now use Lighthouse audits for both products. We have the new mobile experience task that is based on the Lighthouse audits related to user experience on mobile.
    • This ensures the most accurate assessments of a website’s SEO performance. The Mobile Speed and Desktop Speed tasks are also using Lighthouse data now.
  • We implemented the Slipping Away email as part of the retention and activation email sequences.
  • AI-Powered Onboarding Wizard: Our new onboarding wizard in the Web App leverages AI to recommend relevant keywords and competitor insights. This ensures users are targeting the right audience with their content from the very beginning.
  • AI-Guided Page Optimization: No more SEO guesswork! Our revamped page optimization tool for the Web App features AI-driven suggestions for content improvement and meta-tag optimization. This helps improve website pages’ rank with minimal effort.
marketgoo wizard

Coming Soon

Q2: Smarter Onboarding, Effortless Optimization

  • Upgraded Monthly Reports: Everyone loves a fresh take! Monthly PDF reports are getting a design overhaul and data refresh, providing a clearer picture of SEO progress.
  • Incorporate AI powered onboarding and guided page optimization features into the WordPress plugin and improve the AI features that are already live in both products.
  • Improved management of redirects as well as canonicals and noindex tags.
  • New and enhanced backlink monitoring and management features into the Web App.
marketgoo Q2 SEO roadmap section

Q3: Track Progress, Deliver Personalized Insights

  • Advanced SEO Project Dashboard: Users will gain a comprehensive view of their SEO journey with our brand new, advanced dashboard. This powerful tool tracks key SEO metrics, visualizes trends, and allows for strategic SEO campaign management.
  • Customized Recommendations Section: Never miss a beat with our dynamic recommendations section. This feature tailors suggestions to a user’s specific website and SEO goals, ensuring they’re always on the right track.
Web App and WordPress Plugin

Coming Later

Q4: Level Up Keyword Research & Content Creation

  • Advanced Keyword Research Assistant: Uncovering high-potential keywords and gaining deeper search intent insights has never been easier! Users can rely on our advanced keyword research assistant to select the most convenient terms for their websites.
  • Custom Content Planner & AI Writing Assistant: Creating high-quality, SEO-optimized content can be challenging. No more with a custom content planner and AI writing assistant! This powerful duo helps users develop targeted content strategies and generate content that resonates with their audiences.

Stay Tuned for More!

We’re passionate about empowering everyone to achieve SEO success whether they choose our WebApp SEO tool or our private WordPress SEO plugin. This roadmap is just a glimpse into the exciting future of our products. Stay tuned for updates and announcements throughout the year as we unveil these features one by one!

Props to Sonia Alemany and Eli Osuna from the marketgoo Product Team for helping to write and review this post.

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