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What’s new in marketgoo – February 2024

in Product Update. Last Updated on February 27th, 2024

This month we have a massive improvement in how our SEO tool detects mobile friendliness, behaviour triggered emails that promise to increase engagement, and we’re getting ever so close to the launch of the new star of the show: marketgoo Domain Intelligence.

Mobile Friendliness

In our quest to ensure that our product provides accurate assessments of a website’s SEO performance, we detected some room for improvement in the way we determined whether a website is mobile friendly.  

We wanted to eliminate any false positives in terms of tagging websites as responsive or not, as well as include other factors such as font size or distance between elements on the page.

So, we’re pleased to share that marketgoo is now using Lighthouse audits!

Important to note that we have deprecated the task that checked for a responsive site, and replaced it with the new mobile experience task that is based on the Lighthouse audits related to user experience on mobile. 

marketgoo will show the results of the following Lighthouse audits:

The Mobile Speed and Desktop Speed tasks are also using Lighthouse data now.   

Who it’s for: marketgoo Lite & Pro Web App users, marketgoo Pro for WordPress plugin users. 

Where the feature appears: The tasks appear in the Web App and the WordPress plugin, and also include a “More Info” section in which we show the user the improvement recommendations coming from Lighthouse.

Mobile readiness task marketgoo

Behavior-triggered emails

 Retention and activation emails that go out to re-engage customers who have become inactive, are often called “slipping away” emails.

Now, when users haven’t logged in to the Web App 31 days after their plan was created, (regardless of whether they have passed the onboarding wizard or not), they will receive the slipping-away email.

This will provide relevant information that encourages them to log in to the tool.

Who it’s for: marketgoo Lite & Pro Web App users, marketgoo Pro for WordPress plugin users. 

Domain Intelligence

We’ve entered the testing phase for marketgoo Domain Intelligence, with handpicked partners who are ready to assess it uploading their own domain lists. 

teaser for marketgoo domain intelligence on LinkedIn

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, contact us for a first look and a chance to test it yourself. You can also follow our Founder, Head of Sales and Head of Partnerships on LinkedIn for more information!

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