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What’s new in marketgoo – April 2024

in Product Update. Last Updated on May 2nd, 2024

We’ve been busy the past month and a half, participating in CloudFest, introducing the industry to mDI, and rolling out some new SEO features we’re eager to tell you about below!

New Wizard!

The onboarding wizard serves as the user’s initial interaction with the product. 

As part of our efforts to keep improving user onboarding, we’re excited to present the new wizard that helps users to properly configure key aspects of the product and see results from Day 1.

Now, the user is presented with a series of screens to configure their:

  • Website goal
  • Website industry
  • Country target
  • Keywords (can include AI-powered suggestions)
  • Competitors (can include AI-powered suggestions)

Who it’s for: all Web App users 

Where the feature appears:  the Wizard appears for all marketgoo Web App plans that have yet to pass it. 

AI-Powered Page Optimization

When doing SEO for a page, the focus keyword is one of the most important elements. It helps guide optimization efforts, and it’s the foundation on which all the marketgoo page tasks are based. 

Selecting the most appropriate keywords for each page is one of the most complex tasks for users with little or no SEO knowledge.  

This is why we wanted to provide more guidance for users to determine the target keyword on which to focus optimization efforts for each of their website pages. 

The page tasks screen has been updated so the user is presented with the following flow:

  • Focus-keyword guided selection: The user will see a relevant, suggested keyword and they will confirm the selection, or choose one manually.
  • Page content scan and analysis: Once the user has selected the focus keyword, the page is scanned.
  • Page optimization advice: the user will see optimized page content for the selected keyword, so the user just needs to copy and paste.  

Who it’s for: in this initial phase, it’s only available to Web App users in our direct channel (those who acquired the tool directly through marketgoo), in order to analyze feedback and use of the feature. In the near future, our Partners’ end-users should be able to use this feature as well.

Where the feature appears:  the Optimize section

WordPress Plugin Improvements 

The current release for our WordPress SEO plugin is 1.7.7 – and right off the bat you’ll see that now, the SEO score indicator appears in the page/post list

This means the user has better information on the pages that need to be worked on, as it’s useful to know the score in advance when choosing what page to optimize.

Who it’s for: all users of the WordPress plugin

Additionally, the previous release of the plugin included an easy-to-use UI for selecting custom structured data markup per page/post.  Now, users can customize the markup individually for each post and page. JSON code is generated based on the user’s input, and seamlessly embedded into their website’s code.

Who it’s for: all WordPress Pro plugin users (for Free plans, upgrade CTAs will be shown)

Domain Intelligence: new mDI features

Easy custom recipes are a reality! You can create, edit and remove recipes on your mDI dashboard with just a few clicks.

In less than 10 seconds, I created and pinned a new recipe to identify sites on Elementor with poor performance scores.

You may recall that mDI initially had only premade recipes, but our goal is for users to be able to create or edit the recipes to adapt to their specific needs. Recipes can be created from different parts of the app – give it a try!

Example of editing a recipe (yes, the current version of WordPress is 6.5.2, not 6.5.7!)

We’re now in the Pilot Program phase for marketgoo Domain Intelligence. After CloudFest we got such positive feedback that we’re jumping right in with partners who are ready to take the next step with it.

If you want to know more, contact us for a quick demo and overview of the program.

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