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Working with User Personas – pt. 2

in marketgoo News & Updates. Last Updated on May 28th, 2024

Previously, we shared our work on developing user personas for our end users, sourcing survey responses and gathering insights.

We shared the profiles of Molly and Will, the Personas we developed.

Now, let’s look at their goals, frustrations and knowledge levels.

marketgoo was developed so that people who wanted to improve their site traffic but had very little technical or SEO knowledge could follow easy instructions and still make a difference in their website’s online visibility – so it was important to know if current users fit into that profile.


Both Personas seek to improve their website’s online visibility and traffic, with Will focusing on SEO optimization and Molly aiming to boost her sales and brand recognition.

Both need assistance in optimizing their website content and promotional efforts, which highlights a common need for more comprehensive SEO and marketing support.



An interesting finding for us was that they are seeking help across more parts of their online journey: actually writing their content and creating strategy for their promotional efforts.

This gives us clues as to what new features we can evaluate and even what complementary services could be offered by our Partners.


Will has a more basic understanding of SEO and tech, requiring more foundational support. Molly possesses a higher level of technical and SEO knowledge but still needs help to scale her efforts.

She also has a more diverse toolset (and likely more complex needs).



This matches with our experience providing support to users, where we see some who are able to handle more than a basic tech stack and have become somewhat proficient at making certain updates to their website, but still struggle with making sense of SEO.


Here the takeaway is clear: they are unable to achieve their traffic goals and feel time-constrained regarding SEO efforts.

Although each Persona uses marketgoo at a different pace, they both want the SEO tool to help them making their workflow more efficient.

This is a good insight for us, because in the past we didn’t really position marketgoo as helping with a user’s workflow efficiency.




Despite different professions and stages in their online journey, both Personas share similar frustrations and goals related to their site’s performance, traffic, and SEO results.

These personas have made us look more deeply into:

  • Offering support for content optimization, promotion, and sharing to meet the specific needs of users at different stages of their online journey.
  • Offer even more targeted and actionable insights.
  • Evaluating features that save time and streamline SEO efforts, possibly through automation.

If you take a look at our Product Roadmap for our SEO tool, you’ll see that in 2024 we’re already working with the insights provided by our User Personas!

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