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I have no time for SEO!

If you freelance or are a small business owner/employee, you know that often search engine optimisation activities are relegated to the back burner because: It seems best left to the experts: “…at some point I will make room in the budget for an SEO specialist” It’s never as urgent or important as other tasks you […]

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“How can Squarespace help my SEO?” Is the wrong question to ask.

Updated: Nov. 20, 2017 We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been asked why Squarespace is bad or good for SEO, better or worse than WordPress, or come across the classic search: SEO in WordPress vs Squarespace vs Weebly vs Yola vs Wix vs vs…ad infinitum. (That showdown is fodder for another post!) But […]

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Brazilian hosting giant Locaweb is the latest in a series of global partnerships for Madrid-based MarketGoo. Both companies announced they’ve joined forces to launch Orago, providing a straightforward, budget-friendly way for small and medium businesses to take control of their online strategy and optimize their websites for search engines.  MADRID, Spain & Sao Paulo, Brazil— […]

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MarketGoo is hiring a Web Developer based in Madrid

MarketGoo is looking for a Web Developer to join our team to solve problems as we build a world class platform to support thousands of website marketing products for our customers and partners. We’re seeking a software engineer who is passionate about building elegant web products. You should be comfortable with the entire web stack, from implementing visual designs to tuning database […]