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Small Business Spotlight: Kunst Voor in Huis

We love it when artists and galleries use MarketGoo for their SEO because their websites reflect their artistic perspective and it’s so interesting to see how they are able to market to a broad audience while still maintaining a niche appeal. SEO for artists and art galleries is a must, and MarketGoo user Jean-Paul of […]

Kunst Voor in Huis - Art for the Home
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Cheatsheet: SEO for IT Recruiting Sites

If you’re a recruiter, search engines are your friend. Your potential clients are searching for you, whether they are candidates looking to apply for a recent vacancy, or a Company that needs to fill those IT positions ASAP.  SEO for IT recruiting sites has the same best practises as any site would, but there are […]

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MarketGoo Now Available in the Vendasta Marketplace

MARKETGOO NOW AVAILABLE IN THE VENDASTA MARKETPLACE Agencies can now offer easy SEO tools to their Small Business Clients MADRID, Spain— March 8, 2018 —  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools provider MarketGoo is the newest addition to the Vendasta Marketplace. Vendasta is the leading platform for companies who sell digital solutions to local businesses and […]

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Sprint update: 02.03.2018

Product Onboarding wizard update. Aiming to simplify the first steps in the tool and unify visual styles.   New WordPress tailored tasks: Long titles, duplicated titles, missing titles, missing meta descriptions, site visibility, optimizing comments, excerpts, optimizing categories and tags. Improving the personalized SEO experience for WordPress sites.   Success Support contact within tasks. Aiming to […]

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Small Business Spotlight: Peyrouton Law

Attorneys have traditionally depended on word-of-mouth and referrals to gain most of their business, but now the internet is playing a larger role, especially among the younger 18-24 set, who are more likely to search for an attorney and legal help online. So how does a one man shop take on the big guys in the […]

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The Complexity of the SMB Marketing/Operations Universe

We are a vendor in SMB universe. This means that we are highly attracted by the volume of SMBs we are likely to serve and impact. A wonderful market by numbers with millions of potential users usually underserved that are digging into this digital transformation and online world. There are hundreds of different vendors and […]