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Cheatsheet: SEO for Bakeries

Promoting and doing SEO for Bakeries can become just as much of a full-time job as baking! While social media is very important to your business’s promotion and you should definitely have a Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest profile, you also need a website. (More here on why a Facebook Page is not enough for your […]

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Reflections on Content as a Marketing tool for SaaS companies

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an incredibly interesting and dynamic industry – however it suffers from a reputation of being ‘boring’ when it comes to the content marketing practises associated with it- dense whitepapers, too much blatant sales-y content, too-little too-late infographics with stats that are hard to care about, and many more issues […]

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How to choose SEO Keywords

This is probably one of the most important guides we have written, because having a grasp on what keywords mean, and how to pick them, not only is an important determinant of your success using MarketGoo, but it is critical if you are to optimise your site in any way. Hopefully the information presented here […]

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SEO for Handmade Bath Products

Selling handmade products online isn’t easy for the millions of entrepreneurs attempting it – there’s not only SEO to worry about, but competitors, fees from online marketplaces, fulfilling orders, a growing number of competitors, and mass manfactured products masquerading as handmade ones. One of the most important actions you can take to stay on top […]

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SEO Cheatsheet: Furniture Stores

If you own or run a furniture shop, you know that you don’t only sell furniture: you sell a lifestyle, aspiration and comfort. When people enter your store, it’s easy to transmit the essence of your furniture through displays, setups, and the fact that the visitor can touch and test the furiniture. What about your […]

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Cheatsheet: SEO for Wix sites

As far as website builders go, Wix has a long and interesting history. It was a pioneer in simplifying web building (and since we’re all about simplification, we really admire that!), and it is constantly rolling out new features and updates. If you’re a Wix user or ever considered using Wix (especially in the past), […]

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SEO Cheatsheet for Personal Trainers

Being a Personal Trainer is a career that attracts passionate and detail oriented people, which are great qualities to have when you are optimising your site for search engines! If you’re a personal trainer with your own website, there’s a chance you work as a freelancer – this means it’s more important than ever to […]

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SEO Cheatsheet for Lawyers and Legal Firms

Law firms, lawyers and everyone in the legal ecosystem truly benefits from well optimised websites. SEO for lawyers and legal firms is so important because people who search for them usually have a very specific reason for doing so, which is why it is critical that your law practise’s website be found.  Additionally, given that […]

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Broken Links and SEO

What are Broken Links? They are dead-links, or links that no longer exist, which are not good for search engines or for your readers. Broken links are what cause those 404 error pages you sometimes see.  Why are broken links bad for SEO? When visitors follow links they are expecting content to be available once […]

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SEO Cheatsheet for Food and Recipe Sites

Food and Recipe sites are extremely popular, and there’s a reason: there is high demand for these kinds of resources. When you start your site, remember you should have a clear ‘About Me’ page, which highlights your passion for food and cooking. This is where you give visitors a reason to be interested in what […]