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Small Business Spotlight: Peyrouton Law

Attorneys have traditionally depended on word-of-mouth and referrals to gain most of their business, but now the internet is playing a larger role, especially among the younger 18-24 set, who are more likely to search for an attorney and legal help online. So how does a one man shop take on the big guys in the […]

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The Complexity of the SMB Marketing/Operations Universe

We are a vendor in SMB universe. This means that we are highly attracted by the volume of SMBs we are likely to serve and impact. A wonderful market by numbers with millions of potential users usually underserved that are digging into this digital transformation and online world. There are hundreds of different vendors and […]

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2017, the year of Product at MarketGoo

2017 is almost gone at MarketGoo and what a ride it has been! Last year I made some bets for 2017 that we have mostly fulfilled: New product with improved UX, new partnerships and profit growth. We measure our success not only by economic means. Our MRR kept growing but slowed down a bit, while our Product […]