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What’s new in marketgoo – January 2024

in Product Update. Last Updated on January 31st, 2024

The first month of 2024 has flown by, and we have some wins already!

We’re continuing research and development for our new data-based solution, and have made improvements to our WordPress SEO plugin and you’ll notice some changes in our Web App too.

WordPress Plugin

For our SEO plugin v1.7.0, we’re happy to introduce a redesigned sidebar in the post editor. 

A fresh look while maintaining the existing task structure!

  • The Tasks tab: All tasks are neatly organized, with potential for future expansions.
  • SEO score display: Easily track your progress in each task with color-coded indicators (green for completed, red for pending).
  • New task state style: Improved visibility, featuring distinct copies and actions for those tasks which are completed, pending, and loading.

Who it’s for: marketgoo WordPress plugin users 

Where the feature appears: in the WordPress page/post editor

Web App

For our Web App, we have improved UX, with a better navigation and responsive experience. 

Avid users of our app will notice that their website URL no longer appears on top of the navigation bar. 

Now, it’s part of a menu item which allows them to manage their site and/or add a new one (this option won’t appear if Partners have that option disabled for their customers). 

Who it’s for: marketgoo Lite & Pro Web App users 

Where the feature appears: in the top navigation bar

Bonus: our web app has earned 2 badges from G2! This means we have high customer Satisfaction scores.

  • High Performer in Small-Business Americas SEO Tools
  • High Performer in Americas SEO Tools

Domain Intelligence

You’ve seen teasers here and there about the roll out of our new data solution, and now we’re sharing its name: marketgoo Domain Intelligence

It’s a data solution tailored for companies serving domains or websites, designed to increase retention by uncovering upselling opportunities and customer insights within their customer base.

We’ve created this solution by involving domain and website providers in every step of the process, and are confident in the value it generates and the impact it’ll have on your bottom line.

In the following weeks you’ll be seeing more about it in our Newsletter and social channels, and we’ll unveil a whole lot during this year’s CloudFest event from 18-21 March 2024.

If you can’t wait, contact us for a sneak peek. 

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