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Review: Big Ben Stand Up

in Case Studies, Local. Last Updated on October 10th, 2023

We were recently able to chat with Tomas Bonderud of Big Ben Stand Up, one of Stockholm’s oldest standup comedy clubs!

Online visibility for a standup comedy club is a priority, because as any local business it not only relies on referrals and word of mouth, but also on local online searches in order to increase foot traffic and ticket sales.

This Stockholm-based company is also a restaurant, bar and nightclub! It has something for everyone and needs to transmit that to it’s potential audience. Let’s see how they improved their online visiblity with marketgoo.

SEO for Comedy Clubs

To understand the SEO challenges that Tomas is working on, let’s see what specific SEO needs a website like this has:

  • The need to optimize for local search across multiple languages
  • There is high competition for keywords
  • Online reputation is very important, with review management having to play a part in digital strategy
  • Acquiring high-quality backlinks can take a lot of work
  • Resource challenges: small local businesses do not have unlimited time or budgets and must work on most marketing and SEO actions themselves, in-house.

So how did an SEO tool like marketgoo help them get SEO results? Keep reading!

User Profile

  • Using marketgoo for: 1+ year 
  • # Sessions in marketgoo: 172
  • # Keywords tracked in marketgoo: 20
  • # Competitors tracked in marketgoo: 4
  • Website Platform: website builder


# of keywords in Top 10 Google Results

Before: 3

After: 107

# of Ranked Keywords

Before: 10

After: 388

# of Backlinks

Gained +524 new backlinks

  • Tomas says that the most valuable feature of marketgoo is the Optimize your Pages tool, because it allows him to analyze and improve specific pages on his site, ensuring they are well-optimized for search engines and user experience. This feature has helped him enhance the visibility and performance of key pages of his site.
  • Additionally, the monthly reports have allowed him to track progress and make continuous improvements to attract and engage more visitors. 

What made me stick with marketgoo was its user-friendly interface and simplicity. Unlike some other tools that felt overwhelming with too many features, marketgoo offered a straightforward and effective approach to SEO optimization.

The clear recommendations and step-by-step guidance made it easy for me to implement improvements on my website.

– Tomas Bonderud
  • The site’s traffic has increased +1000% since they began optimising with marketgoo
  • Tomas dedicates about 5-10 hours per week to optimizing the site using marketgoo.
    • This time includes tasks like implementing SEO recommendations, creating new content, monitoring analytics, and reviewing monthly reports. The consistent effort has been essential in maintaining and improving his website’s performance and visibility in search engines.

The Key: Creating quality content, consistently    

  • The site has several pages of content focused on providing quality information and educating the visitor on what standup comedy is, general interest articles relevant to comedy club goers, and various optimised for location.  
  • Tomas has solved technical SEO errors and has worked on optimising individual pages.
  • The company has a presence on instagram that is constantly updated.
  • Big Ben Stand Up makes it easy for visitors to purchase tickets, contact the venue, and see relevant information such as address, hours of operation and map location.
  • The club has a Google Business profile, with information consistent with that on the website.

I have noticed a significant increase in both site visitors and inquiries through my website since I started using marketgoo. The optimization recommendations and strategies provided by marketgoo have helped me improve my website’s search engine ranking, resulting in more organic traffic.

– Tomas Bonderud

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