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Review: tomAks

in Case Studies, eCommerce. Last Updated on February 1st, 2023

We see many marketgoo users operating successfully in niche industries. We had the pleasure of talking to Tom Ostvold of tomAks, a mechanical engineer who has a side business designing and manufacturing practical hardware products for everyday use.

This market can be tricky because potential customers may go directly to a big box store for variations of these items, and also rely on word of mouth recommendations when they’re making a purchase from a small business like Tom’s. This kind of website needs comprehensive product pages that include target keywords and detailed descriptions.

Today we’re looking at how Tom Ostvold improved his site’s visibility using marketgoo for Tom’s site, tomAks, is an online store in Norway that offers mailbox racks, charging stations, cloth holders,  and more.

SEO for Hardware Products

To understand the SEO challenges that sites like Tom’s face, let’s see what the unique characteristics of practical hardware sites are:

  • They need to optimize for local search as well as a regional, national and even international audience
  • Many have a need for an online payment system
  • They may have a high competition for keywords
  • Their larger competitors invest very high sums in paid ads on social media and search
  • Brand recognition is a struggle

How did an SEO tool like marketgoo for help Tom improve his SEO? Keep reading!

User Profile

  • Using marketgoo for: 4 years
  • # Sessions in marketgoo: 15
  • # Keywords tracked in marketgoo: 14
  • # Competitors tracked in marketgoo: 4
  • Website Platform: sitebuilder



# of keywords in Top 10 Google Results

Before: 0

After: 7

# of Ranked Keywords

Before: 0

After: 33

# of Backlinks

Gained +10 new backlinks

  • The most valuable features of marketgoo for Tom is the Report.

I’m not an IT guy, I’m not an engineer.

  • The site’s traffic has increased +100% since he began optimising with marketgoo
  • Tom has alsi invested in some Paid Search Ads.

The Keys: understanding reports and controlling your online presence

  • Tom uses marketgoo’s personalised Report and SEO Score to understand how his site’s SEO has progressed.
  • He has images that showcase the products he offers.
  • He makes it easy for site visitors to contact him.
  • has an updated price list and shopping cart functionality.
  • Tom has optimized for local search results with keywords and unique product descriptions on his site,  as well  as maintaining other properties such as Facebook and Google My Business pages.
  • This site is a side business for Tom. He works at his own pace, optimises for search when he has time and tries to understand the ‘why’ behind each recommendation, with marketgoo’s guidance.
  • Tom understands who his potential customers are and what information they want to see on the products he sells.

I think marketgoo is user friendly.

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