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What’s new in marketgoo – November 2023

in Product Update. Last Updated on December 20th, 2023

As the year closes we’re busy improving our app, WordPress plugin, and doing research and development for our data products. Stay tuned, because we’re beyond excited about our expanded offerings for Partners in 2024!

Structured Data Generator, New Search Appearance & More

For our SEO plugin, we’re happy to introduce the following updates:

Structured Data Generator Tool  

Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page, which helps with a site’s SEO as it allows Google and other search engines to understand its content. 

You’ll recall that in the July update, we introduced the structured data check and task. Now, we’ve rolled out the structured data generator for version 1.6.0 of our WordPress plugin and the Web App!

Users can easily generate the JSON code to mark up their sites, improving their chances of getting found online by the right people.

In the web app, the user will fill in the details of their business, copy the code, and place it on their site. In the plugin, the user just has to update their site information in the Search Appearance section.

We will have the following schema types for the Homepage:

Default Schema for page/posts

The users can choose the default configuration for any page/post created on their sites. 

The Schema type options for pages are:

The options for posts are: 

When you check out this functionality, you’ll notice that the Search Appearance section has an updated look & feel in both the web app and the plugin. 

Who it’s for: marketgoo WordPress Pro plugin users (Free plans will show upgrade CTAs), marketgoo Pro users

Where the feature appears

  • Web App: Tools section, structured data task
  • WordPress: the Search Appearance section, page/post editor

Sitemap improvements

The website’s sitemap is now updated automatically when needed. As our users will be familiar with, the sitemap task shows when their WordPress site doesn’t have a sitemap, and we can automatically generate it for them.  

Now, when the site is edited (creating posts, pages, or deleting them, etc) the sitemap updates automatically. 

Site Tasks update

The appearance of the Site Tasks has been updated. 

Now, the recommendation cards present show a new layout to help the user better understand the content and solve the tasks more easily.

The new layout for the tasks is responsive, and all tasks are available for basic and pro plans. The difference between plans now will be only in the “more info” section, within the advanced info tab.

Who it’s for:  marketgoo pro web app users 

Understanding SEO difficulty and Impact

Knowing the difficulty and impact of an SEO task helps users prioritize their efforts, focusing on high-impact actions within their skill level to improve their website’s visibility.

Our new SEO difficulty and impact tags for site tasks are now available for all Web App users.

This change has been broadcast in the user interface as well, so users are aware of it and that their SEO score now takes into account these elements.


API Update

For those Partners using our API, you can now access the meta titles and descriptions suggested by AI, with the endpoint documented here. The flow is as follows:

This feature is for Pro plans, and there is a limit to 3 uses per day. These limits can be configured, and if you consider your customers need more, please contact your Account Manager.

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