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Cheatsheet: SEO for IT Recruiting Sites

in SEO Cheatsheets. Last Updated on August 30th, 2023

If you’re a recruiter, search engines are your friend. Your potential clients are searching for you, whether they are candidates looking to apply for a recent vacancy, or a Company that needs to fill those IT positions ASAP.  SEO for IT recruiting sites has the same best practises as any site would, but there are other things to keep in mind.


Assuming you already have a website, first you need to take care of any pesky technical SEO errors. Then, take a good hard look through your Google Analytics, how many visits you’re getting from mobile devices It’s probably higher than you think! So make sure your site isn’t clunky – the major culprits are usually animations, auto-playing media right on the homepage, popups, and very large images.

Then, answer this question: is your recruiting website a valuable resource for both candidates and employers? are you offering fresh content via your blog, guides, and whitepapers? Are your posts very short or do they cover all possible angles of a topic that your potential clients are interested in?

As you take a look at the cheatsheet below, remember that:

  1. You need to pick your most important keywords, that’ll go in the title, URL and description.
  2. Don’t forget to also use the words ‘vacancy’ or ‘job
  3. Write medium-long relevant texts with at least 300 words

Some sites that are doing it well:

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