SEO Cheatsheet: Link-Building Tips for Beginners

in SEO Cheatsheets. Last Updated on June 19th, 2022

If you’re familiar with search engine optimisation (SEO), you’ll know that with SEO, there are few things which are downright ‘easy’, and if someone tries to sell you something that will get you results “quickly”, your gut probably tells you to run in the other direction.

However, link building is an aspect of optimising your website which doesn’t have to be long, drawn out and painful. It can be relatively simple, and an incredible learning experience. The key is making a feasible plan for yourself, and while you execute it, make sure you’re milking the learning experience for all it’s worth.

We’ve got 5 link building tips for beginners so you can get the gist of how uncomplicated it really is – you just have to be in a value-adding mindset (“how can I add value to this site and show them my site is worth being linked to?”) rather than a linking contest (“I’m going to try to get my website linked to from any and all sites as quickly as possible!”).

If you’re still unsure about what links and backlinks are and why they matter for your site, read our introduction to links for SEO post first.


Let’s see some real-world examples:

Blog Commenting done right

In this beauty blog post, we can see that there are various commenters that add to the conversation and make their own site known, without being spammy. One of them is commenter ‘Renu’, for instance in this post has made a comment specific to her experience with the product, without including any links to her site. But, if you click on her username, bam! you’re on her site, which is also a beauty blog. She has many comments on her favourite blogs but she aims to add value with her comments, not promote her own blog (that happens indirectly).

seo blog commenting
                     First, a relevant comment



second, a discrete link to her site in her commenter profile

Guest Posts done right

Luckily, there are templates for guest blog outreach all over the place. This is a list we like. A template like the one below provides value to the blog owner and clearly states how your content is a good fit for the blog.

guest post outreach template

Answering Questions done right

Look at Reya Vig – she is the customer success manager for MarketStreat (an Etsy competitor) and is always answering questions on Quora related to the DIY craft industry. Her answers have gotten many views, and you can bet that the links to her site have driven new visitors there.  Her answers usually always include a link back to her site but only when it is relevant to her answer.

Quora for link building
                                                   Answering relevant questions on Quora

For an example of an answer that doesn’t promote a business outright, see the example below. This user has chosen to answer a question about entrepreneurship and startups and has gone ahead and included her website in her bio, but then in her answer makes no invitation to click on her website or promote her business. Yet, people who find her answer good may end up visiting the business she has listed.


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