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Offer SEO tools to your customers and decrease churn

Customize our simple & actionable SEOSEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, the process of getting traffic from the free search results on search engines. tools, created for web presence providers to resell.

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Why Partner with marketgoo?

We understand you and your customers

We’re a team with deep knowledge of the hosting industry as well as the SMB SaaS market.

Our SEO tools are made-to-bundle and have a high attach rate. Include SEO tools in your plans (and under your own brand) and instantly increase their value.

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Your customers are demanding SEO

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How marketgoo brings it all together

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Business Opportunity

We have ample experience helping hosting companies increase ARPU, CLV and reduce churn.

How? marketgoo enables you to offer simple and highly actionable white label SEO tools, bundle them during registration flow, and do all the cross-selling and up-selling you wish.

When you enable customers to improve their SEO, you’re powering real results for their business – while also increasing your ARPU and reducing churn through increased satisfaction and vendor lock-in.

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Partnership Model

If your customers are asking for SEO solutions and/or you’re looking to expand your revenue, you’re in the right place.

We offer a simple integration and standard revenue share. You can completely customize the tool with your branding, specific language(s) and offer multiple brands and different levels of service.

If you want to skip any type of integration, but still want to benefit from offering SEO tools to your audience, we are available in the WHMCS marketplace

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WordPress Specific

There is no other solution that is white-label, made especially for Hosters and WordPress-specific.

Our private plugin keeps the WordPress experience seamless for the user and strengthens your brand, enabling you to package a top-rated SEO tool under your own label.

Increase the value of your existing WordPress Hosting plans by offering a guided SEO tool.

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Proven Strategies

White Label, Bundle & Upsell – we’ve got the partnerships and experience under our belt to know what sales strategies work with your customer base.

We’re not just another vendor – we have deep knowledge and experience with SMBs and we’re your ally in sustainably increasing your revenue.


We have a simple integration and branding customization via Direct API, WHMCS and SDK.

Our flexible platform allows you to deliver different sets of front-end products, easily brand your SEO Tools, or even have a multi-brand and multi-lingual offering.

We’re also able to build custom products for different marketing strategies or verticals, etc.

The SEO Tools

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Are your customers demanding SEO tools?

Work with us to offer them under your own label.