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Your Free SEO Report contains a snapshot of your most urgent SEO issues an acts as a quick audit of your site’s health. It’ll tell you what you need to fix. MarketGoo Pro offers search engine submission and a 360 degree view of your site, with a custom SEO plan including detailed reports, competitor and keyword tracking, traffic stats and step by step instructions on how to fix your site’s issues.

MarketGoo is a Do-it-Yourself tool, so while we help you with analyzing your site and giving recommendations, tasks and instructions for you to optimise your site, we don’t make these changes for you.

MarketGoo partners with various Hosting providers who determine the way they will offer the tool to their own users and under what pricing conditions.

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MarketGoo has helped me correct many errors on my site. My ranking on Google has improved with certain keywords and I’ve noticed this has driven customers to my site.

Steve Hanna

MarketGoo always seem to be on top of what’s best for our site. It points out to me issues that need to be addressed to easy SEO, and keep tabs on my competitors as well.

Ian Glass

Without MarketGoo I would never have been able to have my website on the first page of Google. It really has helped my business with been online more than I could have ever dreamed.

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