How to easily improve your Weebly website SEO?

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If you’re here, you’re aware of the importance of SEO (search engine optimisation) for your Weebly site. Perhaps you are not clear on what exactly it means or how much you should be working on it, but you know you need it.  So how badly do you need it? Well, 89% of marketers* worldwide say SEO is successful at improving search rankings, website traffic, and generating leads. We’re guessing that’s something that interests you and we’re all about helping small businesses get to the top. SEO is something you need to be doing.

So, how to improve SEO on your Weebly site? You’ve come to the right place to figure this out! You may have evaluated your options, which mainly will boil down to:

  • Searching for guides, tutorials and download endless instructions (but this takes too much time)
  • Hiring an Agency or SEO professional to do it for you (but this takes too much money)
  • Signing up for a quick and easy, DIY tool like MarketGoo so you can make changes, learn SEO concepts, and see your progress for yourself (this requires a relatively low investment of money and time).


Weebly SEO made easy video

Watch this quick video to see how MarketGoo can help you, or scroll further down and check out some resources we have for Weebly users.

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Stop spending so much time pouring through complicated SEO instructions, books and guides, and worrying about how your competitors are beating you in search results, always trying to monitor their performance and wondering why their sites seem to be doing consistently better than yours..

With MarketGoo, you have a DIY tool adapted for Weebly sites that helps you improve your site’s traffic and visualise how it increases weekly and monthly, improve your results on search engines while you learn about SEO, and most importantly, grow your business, and beat your competitors’ results while you’re at it,

How do you do this with MarketGoo? Once you add the tool from the Weebly App Centre, you get a continously updated list of specific improvements your site needs, with simple instructions adapted for Weebly on how to make the necessary changes. You can track your progress and get personalised support that answers your specific questions and issues and helps explain any SEO concept you need clarified.

Don’t wait a second longer and start optimizing with MarketGoo now!




As a Weebly user, you get special discounts with a long-term subscriptions:


  • Monthly plan $19.95 / month, cancel anytime!
  • 6 months plan for just $16.66 / month, comes out to $199.92  
  • 12 month plan for just $15.83 / month, comes out to $189.95 per year


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Sites doing well on Weebly

Looking for examples of sites on Weebly that look good and are also optimized? Look no further and check out our continuously updated board with amazing examples:



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