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The Definitive Guide to Weebly SEO

This guide will teach you what you need to know about Weebly SEO.

Let’s start!

mprove your Weebly website SEO

Step 1

Forget what You’ve Heard about Weebly SEO

You may have heard Weebly is bad for SEO. While site builders like Weebly may not be as flexible as WordPress, they aren’t going to be ‘bad’ for SEO and it’s entirely possible to rank a Weebly site and receive traffic through search engines like Google.

So why do sites on other platforms seem to rank better? Well, this can be because:

WordPress powers 32,23% of the top 1 million sites in the world, and Weebly powers about 0,34%, so it’s likely that you’re going to bump into more WordPress sites on Google’s Page 1 results than Weebly sites.

Users on a free Weebly plan may have a site that is just a landing page or not yet a critical part of their business and therefore aren’t preoccupied with how to increase the traffic it receives. Some users worry a free plan won’t be found by Google – that’s a myth. Free Weebly Plans do get indexed.

Bad design. The templates offered on site builders like Weebly look beautiful, but there are many examples of site owners then customizing the designs and going overboard with too much text, videos, gifs, and images which can severely affect the user experience and cause them to leave the site before they’ve even explored it, which affects your SEO.

Do your boss/colleagues/employees say Weebly is bad for SEO and you’re looking for some facts to set the record straight? Here is a side by side comparison of website builders and how they perform regarding SEO features.

Step 2

Interpreting your SEO Report

An SEO Audit or Report is a comprehensive scan of your website and evaluation of how friendly it is for search engines like Google. This is the first test you need to run in order to work on your site’s visibility.

If you run an SEO Report on your Weebly site, the analysis usually includes factors like speed, mobile friendliness, broken links, duplicate content, titles and descriptions and current keyword rankings.

Many Reports assign a score to your site and besides pointing out its issues, also indicate what’s being done correctly.

After you’ve looked at your site audit, you should have a better understanding into what is preventing you from getting the visits you need and why your competitors appear first in search results.

Step 3

Choosing Keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases that Internet users type into a search engine like Google or Bing, to find websites that are match what they’re looking for.

The keywords you choose to monitor and to include in your site’s content directly affect your positioning in search engine results.

Step 4

Covering SEO Basics on Weebly

Weebly is a user-friendly platform which allows you to take care of the basics of SEO. In this section, get a handle on what your traffic stats mean (and why Weebly stats often are different than what you see in other tools like Google Analytics), learn how to get an SSL certificate and create a blog on your site if you haven’t already got one, and see how simple H1 tags, titles and meta descriptions really are.

Additionally, get tips for sites that are online stores or image-heavy like designer or photographer portfolios.

Step 5

Taking more Advanced SEO Steps

Once you have the basics covered, it’s time to look at how to get backlinks (an important factor in how well you do on search engine results), simple actions you can take today to improve, making sure you correctly redirect deleted or renamed pages, seeing if rich snippets are for you, and what this robots.txt business is all about.

Step 6

Free Tools for your Weebly Site

There’s a great selection of free tools to help you complete your SEO tasks (and some of them are right in the Weebly App Center):

Use it for: creating your h1 and h2 tags.

Use it for: gathering and showing testimonials on your site. Essential if you want to keep visitors around.

Use it for: placing contact forms on your site, surveys and building lists.

Use it for: understanding what parts of your page visitors are actually clicking on and interacting with

Use it for: getting to your site’s visitors before they leave, and understanding what they need. Lower your site’s bounce rate!

Use it for: getting a free, comprehensive report on all your site’s SEO issues, along with a personalized SEO plan, keyword tracking and competitor monitoring.

How exactly does marketgoo help your Weebly site’s SEO?

Stop spending so much time pouring through complicated SEO instructions and worrying about how your competitors are beating you in search results.

With marketgoo, you have a Do-It-Yourself SEO tool adapted for Weebly sites that helps you improve your site’s traffic and search rankings, visualizing how it increases weekly and monthly.

How do you do this with marketgoo? Once you add the tool from the Weebly App Centre, you get a continuously updated report with an SEO plan detailing specific improvements your site needs, with simple, step-by-step instructions adapted for Weebly sites on how to make the necessary changes.

You can track your progress and get personalized support that answers your specific questions and issues.

marketgoo Basic gives you a free, comprehensive site audit, keyword tracking and custom SEO plan, with the option of upgrading to marketgoo Pro, where you’ll get everything included in the Free SEO Report, plus step by step instructions on how to complete each task along with priority support.

Quick Weebly SEO Resources

  • Ask for Help! Weebly has a forum for its Users to get quick help. No matter your level of expertise, you can ask any question and the community, moderators and actual Weebly Support reps will get back to you. For SEO questions, post your question here by clicking on “Start a Topic”.
  • Grab an SEO Cheatsheet tailored for your Industry here. Don’t see your industry covered? Ask us and we’ll make one for you!
  • The more you read about SEO, the more sense every task will make. Read Weebly’s own SEO guide.
  • Watch the How’d they do That? video series that Weebly has up on YouTube. Actually watching someone edit their Weebly site and perform actions you thought might be difficult will be a great help when you want to improve your own site.
  • Sign up for our SEO Newsletter tailored for Weebly users.

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