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marketgoo officially releases its APS Enabled Package

in Sin categoría. Last Updated on October 2nd, 2015

marketgoo has officially released its APS Enabled Package

In a much anticipated move, marketgoo has released its APS enabled package which is now available in the APS Application Catalogue.  This news is the latest in a long line of improvements and new partnerships for marketgoo, the latest being with Brazil-based KingHost.  

In building this package, the company aims to reach the largest number of players in the hosting ecosystem, making it as easy as possible to fit the solution into their offering, and for SMB users to quickly and seamlessly experience the benefits of marketgoo.

Key highlights of the APS Package include:

  • Free trial of the tool  
  • New, redesigned user interface
  • Generous revenue share commissions for reseller Partners
  • Seamless integration and Partner marketing support

marketgoo generates a report on the user’s website, evaluating elements such as content mix, social activity, inbound links, on-site optimization for search engines, etc.  It doesn’t stop there, as it then gives the user a step by step plan on how to act on all this information in an effective way, without the need for technical knowledge.

marketgoo’s approach to the challenge of finding the right balance between the complexity of SEO and website marketing and making it accessible to less tech savvy users has had a very positive reception among its Partners (such as Telefonica, 1-2-3 Reg, Namecheap to name a few) as well as its end users.

We are excited to join this community that has defined  standards for app packaging, and we are confident that we will significantly broaden our reach, helping reach our objective of being accessible to the widest possible audience” explained Wences García, CEO of marketgoo.

About marketgoo

Founded in 2012, Madrid-based marketgoo offers solutions for SMBs to grow their business online by providing powerful, yet simple and easy to use website marketing and search optimization tools. marketgoo is also available as a white label, turnkey solution to monetise and educate website customers. Partners such as Telcos, Hosting companies and providers are currently distributing it to enhance their value-added portfolios. For more information, please visit


Contact Details: [email protected] Tel: +34 91 843 72 40



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