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Product Update: November 2016

in Product Update. Last Updated on December 7th, 2016

Product Update is our monthly communication that showcases the latest changes and improvements we’ve accomplished.

Here is what we did in November:

WordPress Readiness

CMSs are fundamental to understand how website building has evolved in the last years. Among them, WordPress is the one platform that stands alone with a market share around 20% of all websites on the internet. As we offer a tool for easy do-it-yourself SEO and website marketing we know how crucial it is for us to be tailored for every use case. Our recent experience adapting to Weebly has confirmed the tendency.

Our solution helps a kind of user that’s at the beginning of the website marketing journey. Technology has made simple and available for these users resources, whether if it’s building a website or optimizing its search engine rankings, that were out of reach several years ago. The major part of our user base has been or is building a website with platforms such as WordPress, so our main goal is to deliver a fully personalized experience for each of them.

We’ll get there!

The next steps is to update our tool with WordPress detection, specific recommendations and action plan for WordPress webs, available early Q1 2017 .

product update marketgoo

Score Onpage

Improving marketgoo to foster success for every use case does not only come in the DIY field. Analytics and audit is the other side of our core value proposition. Let’s say it works pretty much like this: Run a personalized audit of your site to see what’s your initial situation > Get an action plan to optimize, improve an correct what’s needed > Track the results of this effort.

In this sense, marketgoo’ Score plays an important role on the website evolution tracking. It measures rank in terms of website success and it is determined by a proprietary algorithm that calculates site’s performance on a large number of factors, both external and internal. These factors are weighted differently and include, among others, the number of visitors, backlinks, how mobile friendly it is, etc.

Having said that, we saw an opportunity to deliver value to a specific niche of websites that were lacking of accurate scoring in comparison with the market. That’s why we have built a new score, onpage focused that does not take into consideration external elements such as visitors, links, social counts etc. It mainly measures improvements made into the website and it’s targeted for new sites that have not had time to create a strong marketing strategy but are looking forward to audit the optimization of its structure, SEO, errors, etc.

We believe with this new feature we keep widening our offering and adaptation to each use case and partner interests.

product update marketgoo november 2016


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Feel free to make any comments and suggestions. Your feedback is what makes us better.

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