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Small Business Spotlight: Vin Weathermon of Portraits by Vin

in Small Business Spotlight. Last Updated on December 11th, 2022

If you were ever in the market for portraits like the old masters’ (or even if you weren’t!), marketgoo user Vin Weathermon is the right website to visit. Vin Weathermon is a Southern California native and an acclaimed artist of 30 years. His luxury portraits are large scale to fill walls  and they capture the true essence of the subject, in renaissance style and structure.

Person behind the Business: Vin Weathermon

Location: Irvine, California


Website Goal: Educate, inform, contact

Main Market: income over 100k, 30-65 years in Orange County

Main Challenge: be found by people not actually looking for what I am selling and still get them to call!

Star Product: Masterpiece near life sized wall portrait

What you wish you’d known before creating a website: I am very experienced so I have done many websites…if you were talking about my first, it would be how little the look matters, but the content does.

Your Brand Story: Vin Weathermon creates near life-sized portraits in the style of the old masters, with the realism of photography and the richness of oil painted art. Be a pampered VIP with a tour of our studio, just call 855-492-5527.

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