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Web Report Teardown: Revealytics

in SEO & Website Tips. Last Updated on February 18th, 2016

We get so excited it whenever website owners generate free reports of their website (and their competitors’ sites!). But sometimes, we take it upon ourselves to generate a free report of a website of our choosing, and take a look at what it’s doing well and where it has space for change. Each website tells a different story and fights a different battle, so we like to go into detail about potential improvements. Today’s teardown is for analytics insights service Revealytics.


marketgoo's Free Report Score

45% is not bad at all! especially for a website that seems to be relatively new. You’ll see that the orange coloured circle around the score indicates that while it is not in the ‘red’ zone, it still has some work to do before it reaches a good score. From this first section, you can download your report as a PDF, share it via email with yourself or your webmaster, or tell the world via social media that you have generated a report on your site and you have a good score! You can also choose to run another report – remember you can run as many as you like!


see your website's traffic

Since Revealytics seems to be a relatively new website, it will most likely not have a large amount of traffic or backlinks. If, in your website report you see a message that there is ‘not enough information’ to display your traffic data, it is most likely because of this. Here we can see that most of the site’s incoming traffic is of people who know the Revealytics website URL and are typing it in directly. This is great, because people coming to the site have a strong intent to go there and nowhere else, without the danger of getting distracted by other search results. However, we suggest that the site start investing time into getting other sites to link back to it, perhaps by engaging in some PR actions, and amping up their activity on Social. So, good job on Direct and Referrals, Social has the potential to be way higher, and a lot of effort should go into driving traffic to the site through search, and getting others to link to content on the site, perhaps starting with the blog content. For super specific recommendations on how to do this, try out marketgoo Evolution which will give you personalised tasks for your site.

Site Review

site audit SEO

Great job! Site Review gives the site top marks  – its loading time is fast, and they have an SSL certificate that is valid. Additionally, they have submitted and XML sitemap, there are no error pages but they are set up just in case, and the website loads whether the visitor types or just into the search bar.


is your page mobile optimised?

With the ever increasing importance of mobile devices, it is critical that you offer your mobile visitors a seamless experience that is, if possible, even quicker and more to the point than your desktop site.  Here we can see what the site looks like on different mobile devices. While it looks good on the tablet and desktops, note that it does not look ‘perfect’ on the phone. What can be done to remedy this?  It looks like the page content is too wide for the viewport (the part of the webpage that the user can currently see), and that forces the user to scroll horizontally. We’d recommend sizing the page content to the viewport to provide a better user experience, and using Google’s PageSpeed Insights to identify the elements that are too large.

The site loads on mobile devices at a perfectly acceptable rate. But could this be optimised even further? Sure! The CSS delivery of certain links could be optimised, and there is render blocking javascript in one element on the landing page. This sounds complicated but it just means that javascript is blocking a page from fully loading. For more details on this refer to this great guide by HubSpot on how to identify these time and resource consuming issues that are easily fixable. CSS delivery refers to the fact that in order for your browser to be able to load content, first it must process all the style and layout information for the page (“stylesheets”)and consequently the browser will block loading until all these external stylesheets are downloaded and processed, which may require a significant time delay the first time the page is loaded.

Search Optimisation

optimising your site for search

There is quite a bit of work to do here, but luckily it’s not too difficult, it will only be a little time consuming! We’ve clicked on the first item on the list, and you can see a breakdown of each page within the site that needs a meta description. A meta description is like a very short summary of what that particular page is about. For instance, the fourth result is the author page for one of the blog contributors. A meta description here could, in 1-2 sentences, give the author’s name, position within Revealytics and what he usually writes about. If certain phrases or terms are unfamiliar or sound a little too technical, there is a bubble that appears when you hover over each item, that will explain why it is important. If you’re still curious, check out our SEO Glossary that explains terms that we commonly get questions about:

Sigue el tablero marketgoo’s Glossary de marketgoo en Pinterest.

Improving your Score

revealytics website priorities

Get your website marketing and SEO priorities in order with this summary, and remember that you can try us free for 10 days! You can also keep tabs on your competitors, keep up with them and eventually surpass them.

Kudos to Revealytics for their strong results on their website, which has a great design!

To see the full report, go here.

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