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MarketGoo Review: Koningen Art

marketgoo review svein koningen art

We have a high volume of users who are looking to do SEO for Art – whether it be Artists, Gallery Owners or Art Museum Shops, we recognize the difficulty of ranking a site that relies heavily on images, is not always local-only, and caters to an audience who may not know exactly what art they’re looking to purchase or browse.

This week we’re featuring a success case precisely from this niche: Koningen Art. Svein Koningen is an abstract expressionist painter who is based in Australia.

His current location is one of the things that made his SEO journey particularly challenging: his site’s rankings on Google initially “tanked” because of his move to Australia.

Keep reading to see how exactly Koningen Art has made the most of our DIY SEO tool:

User Profile

  • Using MarketGoo for: 1 year
  • # Sessions in MarketGoo: 53
  • # Keywords tracked in MarketGoo: 19
  • Website Platform: WordPress



# of keywords in Top 20 Google Results

SEO search

Before: 8

After: 20

# of Ranked Keywords

seo keywords

Before: 129

After: 192

For Australia, the ranked keywords increased from 18 to 45 ranked keywords.

# of Backlinks

links seo

Before: 33

After: 54 

 SEO checklist

> Svein dedicates 10-20 hours a week working on his site’s SEO.

> The most important task was optimizing each page on the site for maximum visibility

The most valuable feature of MarketGoo for Svein is the Reporting:


marketgoo seo review art
  • Koningen Art has not needed to invest in Paid Ads (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads).
  • The site received quotes of up to $AU 3000 to do SEO work – but with MarketGoo reports they were able to do it themselves!
     seo marketgoo review artist

To see what you can do to make sure your Art-oriented website is better optimized today, check out our cheatsheet on SEO for Art Galleries, and generate your Free SEO Report below:

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